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May 26, 2009 01:58 PM

Visiting in Early June. Want recommendation on places to eat.

Hi my bf and I are visiting SF in early June staying in Marina. We're looking for recommendations for really good inexpensive eats. I work in catering and my bf is a huge foodie as well so we're open to trying anything unique and exciting. One of the things we're looking for are good Regional Chinese Cuisine i.e. Sichuan, Yunnan, Beijing, Dim Sum, etc. Also I'm a huge fish fiend so I would absolutely love to find a sushi place that has a good selection of local fish.
We are also taking a trip to Napa on Friday so we would love any input on vineyards, places to eat there, any place that does food and wine pairings.
Any input would be helpful. Thank you. :D

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  1. Here is a rave from the Marina district for you, although I don't think many "local" fish make it into sushi.

    1. You picked a great time to visit. SF's Dine About Town is going on the first 2 weeks of June, so plenty of options there for relatively cheap eats.

      Ad Hoc is good for a casual meal, and if you don't want to do the full prix fix, you could try to get seats at the bar and order a la carte off the daily menu.

      1. Are you guys related? Ad Hoc is in Yountville, Napa Valley. Ubuntu is also in Napa but the City of. It may be considered unique and from a recent review by Carrie 218, exciting.

        Ubuntu Restaurant & Yoga Studio
        1140 Main Street, Napa, CA 94558