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May 26, 2009 01:53 PM

Banana Splits


Please tell me about the best banana split you've had and why it was so good? Good quality ingredients? Creative or Unique Ingredients? I need some ideas to enter a banana split contest...

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  1. I would make it Elivs-style! I would put a banana in a dish and add two scoops of chocolate ice cream on each end and then a scool of peanut butter ice cream in the middle. I would cover one scoop of chocolate with marshmallow topping and the other with peanut butter topping (like Friendly's). I would cover the peanut butter scoop with thick hot fudge. Then add tons of whipped cream and chopped salted peanuts. And i guess you kind of have to have the cherry. I think that sounds delicious!

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      Jenhen: Where's the crumbled bacon?

    2. what are the rules/guidelines in terms of how it's composed? does it have to be the "traditional" style with banana halves laid along the bottom?

      if you have permission to get creative with plating, i'd suggest changing it up a bit, maybe putting caramelized or bruleed banana on top.

      other options for the bananas (either as halves or slices):
      - battered & baked or fried
      - coated in chocolate and rolled in toppings like candies, chopped nuts, crushed cookies or pretzels...

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        Yes, I thought about bruleeing the bananas! I'm thinking of having a cookie crust (wafers and butter), bruleed bananas, you have to have ice cream, so probably a vanilla bean ice cream, then a warm rum sauce, grilled pineapple, and toasted coconut and pecans. What do you think? What should I garnish it with?

        1. re: melanie1128

          some of those flavors aren't working for me, but that's probably because i don't like coconut or rum! if you do go that route, i think macadamias, cashews, or even walnuts would work better than pecans. i also think the pineapple is going to overpower the banana.

          this post has my imagination running wild (i'll spare you my thought on curried bananas).

          here are a few combinations to consider:
          chocolate wafer crust
          bruleed or grilled bananas
          dulce de leche or caramel ice cream
          mocha fudge sauce
          candied walnuts & a pinch of fleur de sel


          peanut butter or chocolate cookie crust
          bruleed or grilled bananas
          vanilla bean ice cream
          chocolate sauce
          chopped, salted peanuts


          graham crust
          bruleed or grilled bananas
          maple walnut ice cream
          salted caramel sauce
          candied walnuts

          chocolate wafer crust
          bruleed or grilled bananas
          chocolate ice cream
          black raspberry or sour cherry sauce
          walnuts or pecans

          vanilla wafer crust
          bruleed or grilled bananas
          brown butter ice cream
          butterscotch sauce

          bruleed or grilled bananas
          cinnamon ice cream
          honeyed walnuts or pistachios
          toasted, crumbled phyllo dough

          ginger snap crust
          bruleed or grilled bananas
          maple ice cream
          caramel sauce
          cinnamon-glazed pecans
          chopped candied ginger

          i could go on all day...

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Well, it's this weekend and I must decide on something--thank you for all of the great ideas! Here's last year's winning recipe:
            “My winning banana split was called South of the Border,” Lamphear said. “I started off with a 12-inch deep fried jalapeno infused tortilla which I rolled in cinnamon sugar with a touch of cayenne pepper. Next I made a kiwi coulis as well as a four berry coulis. The third sauce was caramelized pineapple and brown sugar sauce. The banana was tempura battered, rolled in coconut and pan-fried. It was served with a tequila sabignon and a Kahlua Mexican hot fudge sauce.”

            I need to fancy up my discription with a bunch of french sauce names. LOL

        2. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Yes, brulee the bananas, and toast the mini mashmallows, brown them nicely, oh I Iove toasted marshmallos! Chocolate sauce (make your own), a lovelt decadent dark chocolate sauce and use a brandied bing cherry, not the jarred. Then the chopped salted salted peanuts, or caramel or what about cracker jacks? Homemade dark choclate sauce or caramel sauce....hmmm. Good grief, I think I just gained 5lbs.

        3. The minimalist banana split -
          split & topped w/ nutella, simply delish!