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Aug 16, 2004 05:35 PM

Anyone remember GORKY'S? Memory lane....

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Seeing the post about Hollywood & Cahuenga reminded me of GORKY'S. They had a second location there.
The original was downtown and had a cool bohemian kind of vibe. Food was decent but the place had lots of ambiance. You could hang around for hours.
High backed wooden benches at the booths, poetry readings, cheap caviar, cool T-shirts
ah... back in the day....

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  1. ahhhhh, Gorky's. They never carded my under-21ness. Loved that place, the one downtown that is. The Hollywood one was way too scene-y.

    It was one establishment that was way ahead of it's time. I learned to love stout there. Tasted cabbage rolls for the first time. It really was a place you could spend hours in, anytime of the day or night, since it was open 24hrs.

    Who owned it? Where are they? AND why don't the do it all over again?


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    1. re: Cynthia

      Wow, this place sounds like just what I've been looking for! Too bad it's closed. I second the request for info on anywhere that might be similar.

      Actually, I think I'll start a new thread.

    2. Yes, will never forget the communist Russian red themed Gorky's in downtown. Cool place for a post-midnight pasta or beer

      1. I loved the downtown Gorky's, there's nothing like it, before or since. Great place to go for a good beer, music, and some decent, reasonably priced food.

        Gorky's made an awful part of downtown cool to go to. it was a very sad day for me when it closed.

        1. Heard lots about the downtown Gorky's...where exactly was it located?

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          1. re: Pete

            If (my very wobbly) memory serves, it was at 8th & San Julian Sts., near the Flower Market.

            1. re: Pete

              I was there once with my brother and his friends. I think it was very close to the late Vickman's, around 8th Street Flower District.

            2. Never been to the one in Hollywood but the one downtown was a frequent hangout. Great beer, great music, great place to hang out. Not sure if there's a reasonable facsimile around today since I'm too old to be hanging out in bars/clubs on Friday nights!