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May 26, 2009 12:37 PM

I am looking for convenient take out options.

I often have to work late - and find myself travelling from the downtown core to my place in markham....all the while racking my brain for something to eat. I do not like eating fast food for dinner (think like, mcDs or subway or anything chainy). I don't mind spending $$$ on my dinner either.

When I am leaving downtown, I will often stop and pick up a falaffel or a slice of pizza or even a burrito. I guess this is OK, but I am bored. Probably my biggest hurdle is time and parking. I don't want to park multiple blocks away - I want my food and I want to go home. I've thought of hitting PUsateri's or WF on the way home, but I work in Yorkville and basically eat my lunches at these places. SO, something else.

I would love some suggestions, keeping the fact that I am driving in mind. Can you make suggestions from the Lake (south), preferably east of spadina and definately west of vic park. I often take university to the 401, so anything up that direction is game.

No chinese, vietnamese, japanese, etc. suggestions. Sometimes I'd acutally like a square meal (meat and sides) or even a pasta. And, while I don't want BK or Wendy's, feel free to direct me to a great burger place or excellent pizza place.


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  1. Finding a parking spot and waiting to be served does not seem to be what you are looking for. For the price you are willing to pay I don't think that you want frozen dishes that - most of the time - taste awful once they stayed in your microwave for a couple of minutes. My suggestion? Google ''Toronto Traiteur''. They should be able to fax you their menus. Then you should be able to select what you want and make arrangements to have your selections ready for such time as you want to pick up your orders. Kind of a higher grade meals-on-wheels, you being the driver, if you see what I mean.

    1. Where is ''Home'' ? Past Bathurst and Steeles?
      As far as pizza is concerned, it all depends on the kind you like: thick or thin crust? IMO Pizzaville is the best.
      Dizzy on Yonge right beside "Amore" (dizzyonyonge.ca) 2419 Yonge (between Brodway and Roselawn) 416-544-1661 : should you be able to stop by and talk to the management, you might have a nice supper waiting for you every night of the week. It's not the place for a romantic supper but the food is great and portions are very generous. Perfect for a take-out. Also: Tabule 2009 Yonge delivers, so they should be happy to have you pick-up your own supper, wouldn't they?

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          Tabule 2009 Yonge, South of Eglinton - www.tabule.ca - (416) 483-3747 Rave reviews.

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            Karbouzi on Ave. Rd, just South of Wilson, West side. See www.karbouzi.com
            Take-out, yes, but they cook to order, so be prepared to wait. Otherwise, drop by and see what kind of arrangement could be done. Greek food, very fresh, simple and tasty. Very reasonable.

      1. How about Golden Star (Yonge north of Steeles) or Burger Shack (Eglinton & Oriole Pkwy) for burgers and California's (Dufferin, north of Eglinton) or Commisso Brothers (Caledonia & Castlefield) for a veal sandwich? You could even swing by Babos (Caledonia & Eglinton) for schwarma and Albert's Jamaican (St Clair & Vaughan) for jerk & oxtail. All of these places have parking so you can pop in, take out or eat in and then head home.

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          Chicken or beef or half and half shawarma combo at Aladinn's Palace, Victoria Park and Tempo (south of Mc\nicoll. Generally superb and about $8.00 . Pita, pickles, three "salads" , sauces, falfafell (I pass) and of course the meat. Goo d parking.

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            Avoiding Asian severely restricts you as they are the ones that tend to open late. Plus they dominate your area (Markham).

            Cosign on Golden Star, great homeburger, open till 11pm.

            Me Va Me at Bathurst & Steeles is also open till 11pm, you can grab shawarma or falafel to go. They also have a strictly take out location a few blocks east on Steeles, not sure when that closes.

            There're a bunch of great jerk places on Eglinton W if you're willing to take a 5-10 min detour. Just past Allen, you'll find Rap's, Spencer's, open late w/ an oil drum charcoal grill outside cooking away.

          2. The Rebel House (yonge at roxborough) does take out... and they have specials that they post online every day. I often get the pasta special for dinner.

            Plus, you can quickly park across the street on Roxborough, or there is a little parking lot by the starbucks just 3 doors north of the restaurant.

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              I'm awful with directions so please forgive me if this is not on your route home, but I always have great luck with Summerhill Market:

              446 Summerhill Avenue

              If you are driving from Yorkville, get over to Mount Pleasant Road, make a right on Whitehall, and a left on Highland (which turns into Summerhill Avenue) and the market is on your left.

              They have everything in terms of prepared foods to prepare a delicious meal (including sides).

            2. Sababa, steeles west of yonge - amazing lentil soup, tabule, falafel, etc.

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                Sababa Restaurant-Grocery-Bakery 390 Steeles Ave. West (between Bathurst and Yonge, at Hilda Ave.), Thornhill (905) 764-6440 - (Middle East, Turkish) -Very good.