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May 26, 2009 12:30 PM

Post Funeral Taiwanerse Banquet :Rancho PV?

Hi All - My father in law is gravely ill and the family is fast preparing arrangements to host a memorial service for him, including a post-memorial banquet.

Would you all be kind enough to recommend some options in the Rancho Palos Verde or San Pedro area? There will be 50 of us, and we'd prefer Taiwanese food, but Chinese is ok too. Also, we're looking for a place WITHOUT a buffet.

Many thanks in advance for your ideas.

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  1. sorry i didn't do more research earlier...what do folks think of the following option?
    1. Szechwan Chinese Food - Lomita
    2. Chinese Teahouse - Lomita
    3. Harbor Palace - Lomita
    4. Shanghai Palace - Lomita

    1. All the Chinese in RPV go down to Torrance or Lomita for their Chinese food. The Taiwanese places I can think of are quite small, so you'd be better off with a larger place such as PV Palace, 2166 Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita, which serves Hong Kong style food. I've been there for a few Chinese banquets and it should suffice. If Hong Kong style doesn't work, there's Shanghai Palace, which is in the Ramada Inn at 2880 Pacific Coast Highway. Obviously no ambiance there, and I don't recall if it's big enough for you.

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        thanks - i appreciate the advice! just out of curiosity, what are your fave taiwanese places?

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          I'm not particularly fond of Taiwanese food. Board favorites are Sue's Kitchen on Crenshaw and Ju Ju Shine on Carson St.

      2. I am sorry about you father in law. The service at Harbor Palace is rude. The food is great, but not worth the bad service. PV Palace (formerly Regal Palace) is a good choice. It is very close to Green Hills if that is where you will be coming from. The service and food are excellent. Ay of the other places with the exception of Harbor Palace are great.