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May 26, 2009 12:18 PM

I'm embarrassed as a chowhound that I have never eaten ...

I have been back in the Boston area for 18 months, and I live to eat. I admit I have never eaten in East Boston, not Angela's not Santarpios etc... and I don't live or work all that far either. I am sorry.

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  1. I've lived in RI and Boston my entire life and I have never had a lobster roll. The most recent thread about lobster rolls has inspired me to go to B&G for dinner thursday to try it. I'll be arriving nice and early to avoid the crowd so no worries.

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    1. re: Snoop37

      I'm a Michigan transplant and was really disappointed by my first lobster roll (years ago). Turns out I wasn't expecting the cold, mayo-y seafood salad - which is what a lot of the standard cold lobster rolls are like.

      I NEEED to try the famed Neptune hot-buttered style, the kind sans mayo/celery.

      1. re: Snoop37

        I also have never tried a lobster roll after living here for 4 years, I think I will have my first at Neptune this summer because hot with butter sounds MUCH better than cold with mayo!

        1. re: Snoop37

          i had my first lobster roll at B&G and i must say it was pretty good. It was a great roll stuffed with a great deal of lobster, some mayo, and shavings of celery. I liked it, didn't love it, but now I'm happy to say I've tried it.

        2. I haven't yet been to the Highland Kitchen in Somerville, Fuloon in Malden, or (gasp!) Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. (Shame on me--shame, shame, shame...)

          1. I've never had Chacarero, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trip.

            I've never had Hamersley's chicken, but would like to some day.

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            1. re: Prav

              yeah, i have to go with Chacarero too. im never in that part of town when they are open. parking, etc. leaves downtown out when its easier to park or bike to allston and the options are remakable.

              1. re: hyde

                La Mama's in Allston (yes, the divey pizza place on the corner) actually makes a really awesome chacarero and is open late; no need to go downtown unless you want it from the capital-C Chacarero stand.

                I actually think La Mama's does a better job than the canonical Chacarero (which I think has gone downhill), but I'll eat either with great happiness.

                1. re: kf2vv

                  I disagree. I think the chacerero from Chacarero is much better.

            2. I've never had a Speed's hot dog. . . . and I LOVE all hot dogs. Every time I think I need to trek down 93 to the market I get sidetracked and end up at Fred's Franks in Wakefield. If Speed's is better it must be H-D nirvana. Must. . .be. . .strong. . .to. . .get . . to. . .the. . .promised . .. land.

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              1. re: powerfulpierre

                Same here - for years now I've been meaning to get to Speed's but haven't done it yet. Oh well - the kid (21 yrs old) is home for the summer, one day soon I'll have to grab him and say, "Kid, skip breakfast today, we're going to Speed's for lunch!"

                1. re: BobB

                  Third this- Im ashamed at myself...

                  1. re: fmcoxe6188

                    4th. No Speed dog and I live in Southie and could walk there! That's going to be remedied in about 2 weeks.

                2. re: powerfulpierre

                  Many regrets:

                  Never had a Speed's hot dog,; a visit to Angela's in EB or a meal or drink at the Franklin Cafe.

                    1. re: Prav

                      Nope, just never had it. That I can remember, anyway. I had a vegetarian nanny when I was 2+ and her eating habits kind of rubbed off on me. When I tell people I've never had a hamburger, steak, etc., they're pretty shocked.

                    2. re: SaraASR

                      Sorry, kind of vague in the post name. I'll play your game too. I have never eaten yogurt. Never had it growing up, and while I eat almost any part of any animal as well as enjoying most dairy, the flavor/texture in my mind is always to great to overcome. I have had yogurt rubbed stuff that is then cooked.