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May 26, 2009 12:12 PM

Pregnant & Craving It's-It Ice Cream Sandwiches in Camarillo!

It's amazing the things that you crave when you're growing a human. They just come out of nowhere! I'm desperately craving an It's-It Ice Cream Sandwich & I have no idea where to go! I just moved here & I don't really know the lay of the land very well yet. My preference is for the mint-flavored, but I'll gladly settle for the vanilla if that's what's available.

Does anyone know where I can go???? My fetus thanks you in advance.

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    1. re: janetms383

      LOL...loved that! Gordy, you can always ask your local grocer to carry it for you as well.

      1. re: OCAnn

        LOL janet.

        and for the OP here's an old thread from a couple of years back

        from missmodular818
        for all you ventura county peeps: in camarillo, not far off the 101, is a liquor store called Crossroads liquor. I was in there last night buying my losing lottery tickets when I noticed in the ice cream case not only It's It vanilla sandwiches (yeah sorry no mint) but also the It's It cones and ice cream bars. Sooo good. I wonder what spices go into the oatmeal cookies. It's perfect whatever it is.

    2. I bought a whole box of vanilla at Albertson's in Torrance about a month ago. I'm sure they could all order them. Congratulations!

      1. Definitely hit and miss, but I've seen It's-Its for sale in the freezer cases of Big Lots on occasion. Also, could I have possibly seen some at a 7-11?

        1. The Ralphs here in El Segundo is carrying them. 7-11 has always had them as well. Great, Now I am craving one too!!!

          1. they have the mint ones at Gelson's if you are willing to drive 15 miles (a quick search of Gelson's locations shows a store in Westlake Village)