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May 26, 2009 12:03 PM

Ranch Market (Mesa, AZ)

The new Ranch Market has opened at Southern and Stapley. Has anyone been there? Do they have the same type of food court that the Phoenix location has?


Phoenix Ranch Market
1118 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ

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  1. It's on my radar for this week. I called to ask about the size, products etc VS the Ranch Market at 16th St. & Roosevelt. I live in the far East Valley and will make the trek to Phoenix when my larder is getting bare but would certainly prefer to shop closer to home.

    The person who answered the phone at the store told me that the two stores are the same size, yes there is also a food court in Mesa (!!) and they have all the same departments (dairy, meat, fish, etc). I will post when I've made my shopping trip.
    Edit: there is no restaurant like Tradiciones at the Mesa location, just the food court inside the store.

    1. Bazel, I was there yesterday and rejoice in having a new Ranch Market so much closer to home.

      It was pretty much as described to me on the phone -- identical departments, very similar layout and yes, the food court looked remarkably the same as 16th St. & Roosevelt. Since I had already eaten lunch when I decided to visit TRM, I did not eat in the food court so cannot attest to the food quality. I did have an agua fresca (pineapple & papaya) and thought it excellent, as always.

      There were numerous stunning bargains, especially in produce. Russet potatoes 4 lbs for 99 cents, fresh fava beans, peaches & nectarines @ 69 cents pp, iceberg lettuce 4 heads for $1, 4 lbs of bananas for 99 cents, 6 lbs of canteloupe for 99 cents, 5 bunches of scallions for 99 cents, 4 lbs of onions for 99 cents, ETC. When I re-read this partial listing, it looks like I was there for the 99 cent specials.
      We had green beans w/ pasilla chiles for supper last night; broccoli w/ fresh mint tonight.

      I always buy beef cheeks at TRM and found a great supply yesterday as well as a couple of small chickens which I treasure. Crema con sal y queso fresco were delicious and I always appreciate being able to taste test the various varieties before purchase.

      TRM had a lot of staff and plenty of customers. Everyone seemed genuinely pleased to be there whether working or shopping and I always feel an upbeat vibe at TRM. It is located on the NW corner of Stapley & Southern in a large plaze that is not yet fully occupied. Diagonally across the street is a Food City that had a pretty empty parking lot.

      1. Ranch Market in Phoenix had been on my list of food places to check out for a while, and today while driving around Gilbert and Mesa I stumbled upon the new Mesa location. I was very impressed, I had three good tacos and a nice agua fresca in the food court, and was absolutely amazed by the produce prices.

        (They are a place that doesn't like cameras, however)

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          Pollo Campero is coming to this plaza. Pollo Campero is the international Hispanic chicken equivalent of Inn N Out. It will be crazy good and a crazy busy plaza once that opens. Supposed to be this year.

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            Cool, I love Guatemalan Fried Chicken...

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              Isn't there on of these on the West side of Phoenix (W. Thomas)?

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                Actually I'm answering my own question.

                Pollo Campero is at 75th Ave & Thomas