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What do you love to cook with green bell peppers

bite bite May 26, 2009 11:45 AM

I have come into possession of a bunch of very fresh green bell peppers and would like to do something yummy with them. Ideas I've picked up so far -- broiling, using fresh in salads, chopping fine in tuna salad, stuffed peppers. But would like to try something more creative....

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  1. Boccone Dolce RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 11:57 AM

    I cook pretty simple meals- but try and have big flavors because we get bored easily.
    We love Chicken Cacciatore (really mellows out the bell pepper)-kind of heavy meal if it's hot where you are like it is here.
    Fajitas - meatless- do all veggies or strips of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp
    Sausage, Pepper and Onion Sandwiches (though I usually use cubanelle, but you can use bell peppers)
    You can either roast them with zucchini, tomatoes, squash, onions, whatever- cool and make a nice roasted veggie salad (love that with leftover roasted veggies) - or even grill the veggies if you don't want to turn the oven on...

    1. hannaone RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 12:10 PM

      Pan fried with mushrooms, garlic, and onions and used as topping for:
      fried eggs
      pork chops

      Mixed in with sausage
      in scrambled eggs
      As burger topping
      in fried rice
      stir fry

      mixed with green onion, garlic, shredded carrot & potato, battered and deep fried for a Korean twiggim snack

      1. b
        bite bite RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 01:55 PM

        Thanks for the ideas. I'm kind of liking the mushroom, pepper, onion stir fry. Don't know how I could have missed this angle...

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          kchurchill5 RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 02:47 PM

          I agree with everyone. I love a pepper soup with sausage, Italian sausage, onions, canned tomatoes, peppers, some seasoning, broth and topped off with some good small ditalinni pasta is a great dish and all easy. Just a mix of lots of sausages.

          Pepper stir fry is great with beef (Pepper steak)

          Baked stuffed green peppers with a spicy sausage, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, a little tomato sauce, some rice or pasta and baked. Topped with cheese and baked.

          Cut them in half and serve them stuffed all vegetarian with a mix of squash, tomato, eggplant, cheese and bread crumbs. A great side dish, just baked.

          Pork loin or tenderloin with Fennel, green peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Cook in the crock pot. Saute the pork roast in some general all purpose herbs, oil, s/p. Then add to the pan 2 green peppers cut in slices, fennel thin sliced, whole or 1/2 criminis depending on the size and 1 can of diced tomatoes. 1 cup white wine and simmer for 1 hour more or less depending on the cut of meat and the size.

          I soups always, in rice and couscous.

          I also make a roasted pepper mix, green, red, yellow and orange, onions, a spicy vinaigrette and black olives. Roast all lightly and then chop and then let it marinade for a few hours and then serve over hot dogs, grilled sausage, or burgers. Even over any grilled meat or seafood or poultry. A pepper salsa.

          1. re: bite bite
            lexpatti RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 06:31 AM

            I was going to say roast them with mush and onions. I do this all the time, love as a side dish but then leftovers are awesome too - make plenty. I'm tempted one day to make a roasted veg lazagna, same layers but no pasta - I roasted a bunch recently and just mixed in with homemade red sauce - then over pasta and it was fantastic.

            1. re: lexpatti
              kchurchill5 RE: lexpatti May 27, 2009 09:39 AM

              I made a similar lasagna when I went to the market last year and red, green, orange and yellow were all 3 for a dollar so I bought 12. I roasted them and then sliced tomatoes and portabellos. I used the lasagna as the noodles, ricotta and some parm and mozz for the filling, topped with the tomatoes and mushrooms and a little bit more parm and mozz and repeated. It was so pretty, when cooled a bit and sliced. A semi lasagna.

          2. m
            MakingSense RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 02:37 PM

            When I have piles of green peppers from the garden in Summer, I make piperade, the Basque dish with onions and tomatoes.
            You can serve it as a vegetable side dish or as a condiment with meat or a solid fish. Also great on burgers, sandwiches, etc.
            Saute vertical slices of onion in olive oil with the peppers and some garlic, then add chunks of drained tomatoes. This is a good way to use up those slicing tomatoes that I always have far to many to eat as salad and they're too watery for sauce. Season with piment d’Espelette if you have it, or just plain cayenne, salt and black pepper.
            You can add thyme, bay leaf, etc. for different flavor notes. Your choice.
            I vary the proportion of onion to pepper depending on what's on hand.
            Google piperade. There are tons of recipes for this classic old Basque dish if you need specific guidance.

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            1. re: MakingSense
              c oliver RE: MakingSense May 26, 2009 03:46 PM

              MS, you might like this version of piperade. I've made it a number of times. Also love the fact that a lot of it can be prepared ahead of time.


              1. re: c oliver
                bite bite RE: c oliver May 27, 2009 09:05 AM

                That looks tasty -- do you ever do with green peppers? Googling there seems to be a really wide variety of preparations. Many with ham. Some with eggs. Etc...

                1. re: bite bite
                  c oliver RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 04:30 PM

                  I'm actually not a huge lover of green peppers although if really, really cooked they don't make me enjoy them all day ! I've done this recipe with various combinations and sometime just the roasting parts and not the "wet stuff" at the end. When I have a big bag of Costco fingerling potatoes, this is a favorite use whether a full or partial recipe.

            2. pattisue RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 03:56 PM

              Everything. At least everything savory; first, you sauté the trinity...

              1. mrsfury RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 05:50 PM

                Breaded deep fried bell pepper rings with a dipping sauce is delicious. I like a blooming onion type sauce or kicked up ranch. Not very healthy but a nice change of pace.

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                1. re: mrsfury
                  kchurchill5 RE: mrsfury May 26, 2009 06:03 PM

                  Ok, forgot one, thanks mrsfury for reminding me. I just dip in a little flour and then just bottled ranch dressing and bake at 425. Slice in rings and bake away. a mini version of baked onion rings. But goes great with grilled steak or chicken for dinner. Just easy. and quick. I like to add a little cayenne, s/p to the flour too just for some zip.

                2. Cheese Boy RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 08:37 PM

                  Sausage, peppers, and onions
                  Tuna salad
                  Peppers, potatoes, and eggs
                  Stuffed peppers
                  Chicken/vegetable kebabs

                  1. operagirl RE: bite bite May 26, 2009 08:42 PM

                    Sloppy joes!

                    1. JungMann RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 07:46 AM

                      Stuff with ground lamb, mint and rice and braise in a tomato sauce, Turkish-style

                      1. BobB RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 08:01 AM

                        Stuffed peppers are great, cooked in a spicy tomato sauce.

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                        1. re: BobB
                          c oliver RE: BobB May 27, 2009 04:31 PM

                          When I do "stuffed" peppers, I actually cut them completely in half top to bottom and mound the filling up in them. Get lots more than just cutting off the tops.

                          1. re: c oliver
                            kchurchill5 RE: c oliver May 27, 2009 04:45 PM

                            I do that many times, in fact more times than just cutting the tops off. They set better too.

                            Ever do rings. I make meatloaf and pretty much any of your favorite filling in rings. Cut the pepper in 1 1'2 rings, lay on parchment and stuff. Use a spatula to take them off and serve. I love serving them as a simple easy quick side. You can use rice, veggies, beans, and I love my turkey Mexican meatloaf in them. You can top with cheese or bread crumbs and bake and serve. They cook quick and really just PRETTY to serve. Great with a mushroom and onion stuffing some melted swiss baked and served with a steak.

                            Just thought I would pass along. It is a favorite of mine. Halves are great too, don't me wrong. Use them a lot. The rings I use more when I just want a small side. Same taste, both great!

                            1. re: kchurchill5
                              c oliver RE: kchurchill5 May 27, 2009 04:50 PM

                              In my files somewhere I have a recipe for baking rings of acorn squash stuffed with some kind of sausage mixture and then brushed with mollases. Haven't fixed that in some years.

                              1. re: c oliver
                                kchurchill5 RE: c oliver May 27, 2009 05:58 PM

                                Those would be great. I do whole halves, but sometimes just lives the smaller versions. If you find it pass it on. I'll look around. I'm a big acorn squash fan, Squash period. That reminds me of a wonderful fall dish with pork tenderloin, but even with a great grilled chicken. Sounds yummy!

                        2. a
                          andieb RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 09:16 AM

                          I love cold stuffed vegetarian peppers in the summer. they are so refreshing!

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                          1. re: andieb
                            kchurchill5 RE: andieb May 27, 2009 09:42 AM

                            I love them as well. Corn, black beans, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, squash, anything you like all in a balsamic vinaigrette. I roast them and then just serve room temp or chilled. Really good.

                          2. kchurchill5 RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 09:51 AM

                            One more ... Green peppers stuffed with ricotta and pancetta and onions and topped with a roasted tomato.

                            Cut the peppers in half; mix the ricotta, romano and mozarella in a large bowl; add fresh chopped basil; s/p of course, bread crumbs and sauteed pancetta and onions. Stuff the peppers and top with a fresh tomato slice. Cook approximately 30 minutes and top with additional mozzarella and bake until melted and brown.

                            It is a great summer side dish to grilled chicken or steak of anything. I have also done these on the grill is well. I used a small aluminum pan to start them and then transfered directly on the grill right at the end.

                            This was in a Womans Day of Better Homes and Gardens mag a few years ago. I still like it.

                            1. Peg RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 12:20 PM

                              Stir fry with onions, fermented (salted) black beans, red chillis and roast cashews - serve with white rice.

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                              1. re: Peg
                                scoopG RE: Peg May 27, 2009 06:38 PM

                                Right on...or with marinated beef strips!

                              2. alkapal RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 01:10 PM

                                garlicky snausages -- on hard rolls, with strong mustard!

                                1. chef chicklet RE: bite bite May 27, 2009 01:15 PM

                                  Stuff them and bake them is my first thought OR

                                  fresh peppers filled with tuna salad, delciious

                                  sliced and sauteed with onions, sirloin or longon broil sliced for pepper steak

                                  Sliced green peppers sliced white onion, roast beef (deli will do) warmed and sort of a kicked up french dip/ add swiss cheese served on soft rolls

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                                  1. re: chef chicklet
                                    oakjoan RE: chef chicklet May 27, 2009 10:40 PM

                                    I just made one of my favorite dishes from the Fuchsia Dunlop COTM books for the umpteenth time last night. It's peppers with black beans and garlic. Here's the recipe. Very simple and delicious - strong flavored. I usually serve it with a noodle dish from Dunlop....Hot and Dry Noodles?

                                    1 red and 1 green bell pepper
                                    3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
                                    1 tablespoon black fermented beans, rinsed
                                    ½ teaspoon clear rice vinegar
                                    2 tablespoons everyday stock or water
                                    1 teaspoon sesame oil
                                    1 tablespoon peanut oil for cooking

                                    Cut seeded peppers into large squares. Heat oil over medium flame and stir-fry peppers for 5-6 minutes. Remove peppers. Turn flame to high and add garlic and beans and stir-fry until fragrant. Add peppers, vinegar, and salt to taste. When sizzling, add stock. Turn off heat and add sesame oil.

                                  2. b
                                    bite bite RE: bite bite May 28, 2009 10:10 AM

                                    A lot of great ideas here -- and looks like I'm going to have enough peppers to make a lot of them which is exciting. Especially looking forward to trying my hand at the mushroom, green pepper onion stir fry, the Basque dish and the black bean and pepper recipes. Also finding the idea of using green pepper rings as stuffing-holders super cute.

                                    Here's something else I found online and made last night due entirely to a lack of ingredients or time to go shopping -- and turned out to be a happy discovery. Green pepper chutney:
                                    Tastes like tomatillo salsa by way of India (but with no tomatillos). Super fast and easy providing you have some standard Indian flavorings around (tamarind paste, black mustard seeds, turmeric) a few jalapinos and a Cuisinart. Whipped some up in about 10 minutes, threw some chopped cilantro on top and ate with pita bread. Mr. BB (who has no compunction about dissing my culinary experiments and making himself a peanut butter sandwich) ate a full half of it.

                                    1. b
                                      bear RE: bite bite May 28, 2009 12:01 PM

                                      I've made this dish a couple of times as a way to use green peppers (I didn't have any red peppers so made it with all green), and it's quite good. I add more garlic and some mushrooms sauteed until nice and brown, and went easy on the chicken broth and cream so it wouldn't be too soupy. It works well with good fresh egg pasta.


                                      1. bayoucook RE: bite bite May 28, 2009 12:08 PM

                                        They freeze really well, if you're interested in that.
                                        "Jambalaya" Stuffed Peppers - saute some green pepper, onion, garlic, celery and jalapeno (opt) - add cooked rice and some creole seasoning/hot sauce - mix in whatever you have of the following: shrimp, ham, chicken - you can bind it with an egg or not - mix up, fill peppers and top with cheese if desired, and bake. I also do them like that with damp french bread instead of rice, and spicy sauteed bacon and shrimp.

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                                        1. re: bayoucook
                                          kchurchill5 RE: bayoucook May 28, 2009 12:48 PM

                                          That sounds good!

                                          And yes, I have froze them and they do well

                                          1. re: kchurchill5
                                            bayoucook RE: kchurchill5 May 28, 2009 02:23 PM

                                            Forget - but figure CHs will figure it out - add chopped tomatoes with their juices and seasonings of choice - also smoked sausage or chorizo is good - and I par-boil the peppers so they'll be a little softer. But they are good.

                                        2. t
                                          tidecreek RE: bite bite May 29, 2009 04:10 PM

                                          This is kind of a cold weather dish but I love Chili Verde with green bell peppers and all the works I usually make a huge batch and freeze it, its great as a green sauce over anything "YUM"

                                          Oops Forgot the link


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