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May 26, 2009 11:23 AM

Late night eats on a Sunday--MSP

Have a friend flying into town at 8:45 Sunday night. Any ideas as to where we could grab some food around 9:30? Any food is fine as long as its good.

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  1. Here's a couple ideas...
    Cafe Barbette (I think they have entrees as well as small-meal size snacks)
    Bulldog NE (good burgers and such)
    Azia (full menu, though I'm really more familiar with the happy hour food)
    Rinata (full menu - pastas, pizzas, etc - I've seen mixed reviews but I like it)
    Chino Latino (this can be kind of a meat market, but the food's pretty good and on a Sunday it's likely to be calm)

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    1. re: LiaM

      thanks for the great suggestions...i live in uptown so will prob hit barbette or rinata

    2. Rudolphs is my favorite late night food spot. Not sure when their happy hour starts. If you've never been be sure to try the cole slaw. They also have a happy hour menu of discounted aps.

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      1. re: stymie

        ooh, i dunno stymie. i wouldn't necessarily bring anybody from out of town to get food at rudolph's unless they had no idea about what bbq actually is. rudolph's bbq is pretty laughable, is my point, and it might actually be inedible/insulting to someone who is used to good bbq. happy hour drinks i could see, food not so much.

        1. re: soupkitten

          Yeah, ive been coerced into a couple of happy hours at rudolphs and have found even the box-to-fryer chips they serve to have been improperly cooked/held.

      2. 112 is one of my favorite late-night spots. They close at 10 on Sundays, so you might be cutting it a bit close, but it's definitely worth a shot.