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Dining near Herbst on a Monday

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  • roxie May 26, 2009 11:08 AM
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Going to hear Patricia Clarkson next Monday and want to dine well before hand. Zuni and Absinthe are closed and Hayes Street seems a bit over the top. Any places in Hayes Valley that are good? I seem to remember a place with a chalkboard menu but can't remember the name: Bar Crudo? Suggestions welcome one and all.

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  1. I was going to say Citizen Cake, but they're closed Mondays too.

    1. BTW I've always liked everything I've had at Hayes Street Grill and it is the semi-official restaurant of City Arts & Lectures -- you might run into Clarkson dining there herself, or see her take-out order going over to the Herbst. (Big thrill, I know.)

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        Thanks, I was considering HSG but dinner companion was so-so. I did remember the name of the place I mentioned earlier-Bar Jules. But they are closed on Monday as well.
        We are going to meet at NOPA and then drive one car to Hayes Valley and Herbst.

      2. Soluna might work for you. http://www.solunasf.com