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May 26, 2009 10:35 AM

Breakfast in Naples

I will be staying at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples next month for about a week. I have a lot of suggestions from this site regarding places to have dinner. However, can anyone recommend some good breakfast and brunch options. The Lemonia restaurant in the Ritz is nice. However, I would like to try a variety of places. They can include pancake houses, etc. Also, any good lunch spots?

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  1. Charlie Chiang's now has dim sum on weekends. I haven't been there but I've seen some positive reviews on this site. Grouper and Chips is a must for lunch, with the best fried grouper you will ever have. They are in North Naples on Immokalee, close to the hotel. Closed on Sundays. Lunch at the sister Ritz on the gulf is nice, over looking the beach. The restaurant is Gumbo Limbo. If you want to venture to downtown Naples, I love Tommy Bahamas and Campiello. They both have nice outdoor seating areas, although it may be too hot in summer. I can't help you otherwise for breakfast.

    1. Order Chinese delivery from Panda Pavilion! The best Chinese ever (and I've had alot!) and they deliver in record time. The beef lo-mein is my favorite. Of course, Chinese for breakfast at 11:30am isn't everyones cup of tea, but the Price is Right is on and, well, business is slow.......

      1. Sunburst Cafe- great pastries and breakfast place. In a Target plaza (btwn Target and Bealls I believe), very homey, eclectic place. Lots of diff coffees and cappucinos that are really great! Great atmosphere. Order at the counter, then find a seat and they bring food to you.