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May 26, 2009 09:13 AM

garden or space for bday group dinner

hi all,
i'm looking for a pleasant garden space to hold a group birthday dinner for roughly 12-15 people on a weekday night. req's are that it's downtown (preferably east village or LES), low to mid range (entrees <$20), and FANTASTIC food- italian, latin, ethnic, nouveau american, doesn't matter, and laid back. outdoor is not totally required, but a nice airy feel (as opposed to anything too closed in or dark) would be great.

some places i've already looked into (and mentioned on other bday boards):
barbone, back forty, inoteca, broadway east, bacaro, awash ethiopian, supper, alta, freemans. we are all 20s-30s laid back food-lovers, so to-die-for food is a must & takes precedence over space.

i'd like something like Frankies (outdoor space in Carroll Gardens) or Fette Sau (in Brooklyn), but in Manhattan. maybe i'm just picky, but i'd like to try something new and i KNOW it's out there! help, hounds?


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  1. cacio e pepe
    Barolo (little further west though)
    battery gardens
    le jardin

    1. thanks, notsochubby. how is barolo? I know their garden is nice but i heard the food was just shmeh.

      also, i know this is a manhattan board, but i'm open to any bklyn locales if they're good enough (frankies in carroll gardens is a contender).

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      1. re: emilia

        what did you decide? i am looking for same requirements!

        1. re: sammyw111

          You might want to consider I Coppi, in the E. Village. Very nice garden. While I wouldn't describe the food as "fantastic," it is delicious.

          Edited to add: I just looked a bit more carefully at the original post and noticed the part about the garden needing to have an "airy" feel. The garden at I Coppi used to be completely open, but the last time we were they, they had enclosed it so that only one side was open.

        1. Grotto at 100 Forsyth Street has a beautiful garden and a delicious menu!

          1. well, it rained, so my garden dreams were quickly dashed.
            we ended up at the Japanese BBQ, Gyu Kaku, which was delicious ended up working great, except the bill ended up being a bit high pp. I think the key is going during the "happy hours'.