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Lunch near McGill - midweek?

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I'm taking my thesis supervisor out to lunch on graduation day (along with 3 other family members). Since we're having a big celebration dinner that day, I'm looking for a restaurant that:

- has lighter food options
- is near McGill
- European or North American cuisine (parents' tastes!)
- won't break the bank
- has a nice ambience for celebration

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I'd opt for Arlequino. They do not have a website yet (or I just can't find it), but here is a review from the internet: http://www.martiniboys.com/Montreal/A...
    It's a pretty place, elegant, not too pricey and very good pizzas (not heavy). The nutella pizza is a must for dessert. It is a bit noisy at lunch time, but that is good when celebrating, right?! Reservations are a must.

    1. I like Boccacinos, it's on McGill College, just south of of Ste-Catherine. Check out the menu at http://www.boccacinos.com/bbeta/eng/m... I recommend the chicken ceasar salad.

      1. M:BRGR on Drummond could be a good option...

        1. Brasserie Brunoise: The daily special runs $14 until 17:00. Tends to be fairly hearty, though there are some lighter (and still pretty affordable) à la carte options.

          La Montée: First and main in the $18-$22 range, desserts $3. They'll send you a typical lunch menu if you ask.

          Ferreira: I believe has a lunch special, though there's no mention of it on their website.

          1. How about Le Biftheque newly opened at Cours Mont Royal?

            1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'll check them out and let you know where we ended up going.

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                Too late -- but the cafe at the McCord museum (Sherbrooke between University and McGill College Ave; Tue-Fri) has great cooking, very reasonable prices (<$15), casual atmosphere with table service, nice dessert, but a reservation will be absolutely necessary.

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                  We take visiting profs here as it's right across the street from our building (chemistry, of course). It's good, simple food. I was surprised.