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May 26, 2009 08:29 AM

Hong Kong Bistro and Homestyle Hong Kong

We'd been gone for five months and when we got back, we went to one of our favorites, Homestyle, for the best congee in Seattle. What a surprise when we found an all new staff there. They still do the stonepot rice and congees. I ordered my favorite, seafood congee. Its still very, very good. The congee itself was just as good, but the squid and shrimp were a bit overcooked (tough). I'd still rate it above my second favorite at Mike's.
We found out that the previous owners of HHK, opened up the Hong Kong Bistro around the corner and next to Purple Dot. Like other Chinese restaurants with "bistro" or "cafe" in their name, HKB has a huge menu that includes many Chinese interpretations of Western dishes. We were lucky that we weren't here for their first month of operation because they had many kinks to work-out including new cooks who who couldn't perform up to standards.
We ordered Rock Cod with Corn Sauce, Green Beans with XO Sauce, and Spare Rib and Pickled Cabbage Stonepot Rice. The fish, a traditional Cantonese prep, was wonderful. Its one of our comfort dishes. We have been trying for years to find a decent version in Seattle, and now, we have. The green beans were great - liberal use of ginger made the dish pop.
We will be back many, many times. The most popular item seems to be the all-you-can-eat Hot Pot for $13.

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  1. Seems like many people there order the big plate that gives you the steak and pork chops over rice (and they seem to charge somewhere between $9-$12 for that). All they have to do is add shrimp and they'll offend 3 religions within one plate!

    1. I went to Homestyle the other day, and wanted to reiterate my continuing support for this place. I had the cart noodle with curry fish balls, pig skin and chinese mushroom, and wife the steamed pork and shrimp dumplings. With a side of wilted lettuce with oyster sauce, the total was about $20. Great stuff. Look forward to trying Hong Kong Bistro.

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        Homestyle Hong Kong is my newest favorite place in the ID. Excellent congee and pretty good Chinese donut. A clean place with great food, and reasonable prices... perfect for frequent congee meals just as the weather cools...