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Mint Bistro, Manchester, NH?

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Has this new bistro in the former Baldwin's/ Ciao Baby space opened? Anyone have details?

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  1. Not yet, be on the lookout in the next week or so

    1. i hear that grand opening will be June 12th 2009. Also, as well as good food and drinks, the new Mint Bistro will also be having a DJ spinning relaxing, down tempo ambient background music during dinner times and more upbeat stuff during it's lounge times at the end of the night.

      1. Ate lunch there this week. Had the burger which was really delicious. Came with fresh cut hand fries. Small plate of bread came out beforehand with 3 different toppings - a hummus, olive tapenade, and tomato relish. All very good. Menu looked really interesting for lunch, I'm interested to try back for dinner.

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          I can't wait to try them when I get back from vacation. I come home July 3rd. How was the service? Do they have a bread basket?

        2. A couple of the physicians at our hospital have eaten dinner there and really loved it...don't know the whole details yet, but will report back after we make a dinner visit and talk to the docs.

          1. The place was jammed Saturday night with a very lively crowd--noise level was ear-splitting but we got a booth in the back where it was a little quieter. Maitre'd introduced himself on the way in--a nice touch. Very friendly service. Good cocktails--my martini was perfect. The hummus, olive tapenade and tomato spreads offered with the bread was very good. "Scallop BLT" was a big hit as well as the limoncello mussels--others loved their coriander duck breast and filet mignon. Coconut pineapple torte--wow. All round, a very pleasant evening, and a terrific addition to the Manchester restaurant scene. It's probably quieter during the week, if you want to have an intimate conversation!

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              We went back last night-totally different atmosphere on a Sunday, serene, elegant. I rec'd the scallop BLT to other dinner guests who loved it. Tried the sweet and spicy beef app, which clearly borrowed from Asian themes--the roasted peanuts were a nice touch and it was delicious. Raves for the Steak Frites and the Statler Chicken with truffled mashed. I got a duck confit salad for my main--beautifully composed, with halved grapes and little slices of pear and a nice vinaigrette. The person who I thought was the maitre d' is named Chris and he is one of the owners. Very charming--let him tell you how they arrived at the name of the restaurant. For a young guy, he has a long history with restos in the Nashua/Manch area.

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                Is there finally a place that can compare to Baldwins? I think so! We went last night and had a wonderful experience. Started with pototo croquettes, absolutely divine. I had a special appetizer, a half avacado stuffed with shrimp cevice, served with corn salad an an asian inspired sweet/spicy vinagarette. It was wonderful.

                DH and I both had the steak frites, it was AWESOME! Beautiful fries, perfectly cooked hangar steak (my fave) and the truffle butter was a fantastic touch.

                Also made great cocktails. If you liked Baldwins, go here, you'll love it!

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                  We went to the tapas/Spanish wines tasting dinner last night. The food was spot-on. 1st: Manchego cheese, marinated olives, very citrusy, and garlic toast. 2nd: pan fried chorizo in a red wine reduction. 3rd: a big saffron scallop over wilted baby spinach. 4th: smoked marinated beef tenderloin with a roasted pumpkin mole sauce. Dessert: orange infused caramel custard with a cinnamon tuile. Marvelous wines with each course, all reds. We found out about it last minute thru friends, the owners need to do a better job publicizing these events. There was nothing on the website, just a Facebook posting. The host, (not Chris) seemed a little befuddled by the event, maybe it was put together last minute? One complaint--they've removed the banquettes in the back by the kitchen and replaced them with regular tables. I used to love lounging in them. The lighting back there is way too bright, bring it down a notch please.