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Source for Bomba (Paella) Rice?

madscientist May 26, 2009 07:11 AM

Hi all,
I'm looking for a place to buy Bomba (preferred) or other Calasparra rice for making paella. I know I can get it online but I'm hoping to buy it soon and would rather not pay or wait for shipping. I called Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge but no luck there. Anyone found it in Boston? Thanks!

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  1. Prav RE: madscientist May 26, 2009 07:25 AM

    Have you tried Cardullos, or the Spanish market next to Estragon in the South End?

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    1. re: Prav
      deglazer RE: Prav Dec 23, 2009 10:40 PM

      formaggio/south end formaggio usually carry a couple of Spanish rices and have a generally pretty impressive array of items from Spain (cheese of course but also chorizo, serrano ham, pimenton, cava, marcona almonds, fig cake, piquillos etc etc)

    2. StriperGuy RE: madscientist May 26, 2009 07:26 AM

      I'm sure the grocery store at Estragon in the SE has it:


      1. galleygirl RE: madscientist May 26, 2009 07:56 AM

        Actually, I think Whole Foods has a brand imported from Spain by Zoe....

        1. l
          lisav RE: madscientist May 29, 2009 08:23 AM

          you can order it online from La Tienda.com!


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            Pegmeister RE: lisav Dec 24, 2009 05:40 AM

            Not to hijack the thread, but don't you just love LaTienda. I ordered all my cheeses for Christmas from them, along with apricot bread and mini chorizos. I can't get over how quickly they ship, Generally, it takes 2 days to get my order, and shipping costs are low, about $7.

          2. c
            Cork RE: madscientist Dec 23, 2009 08:06 AM

            Where did you find some ? I make a paella on New Year's and its getting a bit late for La Tienda
            Thanks -

            1. rchudy RE: madscientist Dec 23, 2009 10:23 AM

              I've had the same problem in the past, and ended up finding it at Sur La Table (chestnut hill mall location) of all places.

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              1. re: rchudy
                Cork RE: rchudy Dec 23, 2009 01:34 PM

                THANK YOU
                Just called - they put their last 2 bags aside for me - I will make sure they order more for the rest of you 'hounds. Turns out I was going there tonight for some last minute gift shopping anyway!

              2. m
                maryaskew RE: madscientist Dec 24, 2009 07:39 AM

                For the future, try Christina's spice in Inman Sq Cambridge. They have a huge variety of rices, including I think both La Bomba and Calasparra (superabsorbent like La Bomba, but grown in the mountains of Murcia).

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                1. re: maryaskew
                  Cork RE: maryaskew Dec 29, 2009 05:37 PM

                  Thanks -
                  FYI -
                  Bomba is a rice species or variety, whereas Calasparra is one if the 3 regulatory DO's in Spain where paella rice is grown. Calasparra is high up in the mountains, whereas the others are at sea level, but Bomba rice is produced in all 3 DOs.

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