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Source for Bomba (Paella) Rice?

Hi all,
I'm looking for a place to buy Bomba (preferred) or other Calasparra rice for making paella. I know I can get it online but I'm hoping to buy it soon and would rather not pay or wait for shipping. I called Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge but no luck there. Anyone found it in Boston? Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried Cardullos, or the Spanish market next to Estragon in the South End?

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      formaggio/south end formaggio usually carry a couple of Spanish rices and have a generally pretty impressive array of items from Spain (cheese of course but also chorizo, serrano ham, pimenton, cava, marcona almonds, fig cake, piquillos etc etc)

    2. I'm sure the grocery store at Estragon in the SE has it:


      1. Actually, I think Whole Foods has a brand imported from Spain by Zoe....

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            Not to hijack the thread, but don't you just love LaTienda. I ordered all my cheeses for Christmas from them, along with apricot bread and mini chorizos. I can't get over how quickly they ship, Generally, it takes 2 days to get my order, and shipping costs are low, about $7.

          2. Where did you find some ? I make a paella on New Year's and its getting a bit late for La Tienda
            Thanks -

            1. I've had the same problem in the past, and ended up finding it at Sur La Table (chestnut hill mall location) of all places.

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                THANK YOU
                Just called - they put their last 2 bags aside for me - I will make sure they order more for the rest of you 'hounds. Turns out I was going there tonight for some last minute gift shopping anyway!

              2. For the future, try Christina's spice in Inman Sq Cambridge. They have a huge variety of rices, including I think both La Bomba and Calasparra (superabsorbent like La Bomba, but grown in the mountains of Murcia).

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                  Thanks -
                  FYI -
                  Bomba is a rice species or variety, whereas Calasparra is one if the 3 regulatory DO's in Spain where paella rice is grown. Calasparra is high up in the mountains, whereas the others are at sea level, but Bomba rice is produced in all 3 DOs.