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RED ROBIN, All you "can't" eat fries

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This is not meant to be a negative post, I just think that's a great line...."all you can't eat"....he he he

I hit the newish Red Robin at Fashion Island.
Their burgers are great & I really like the room. Dark wood paneling, sports on TV and games near the front for the kids.

They have an "all you can eat" fries policy which is cool;
the problem is they serve STEAK FRIES which come out too hot to eat.
The only place I know of that gets around this problem is KATZ'S DELI in NYC.
There they cook up the fries ahed of time and sit them out on plates, giving them time to cool off.

Nothing against RR but once you've done steak fries Katz's style, the traditional way of serving them just doesn't really make sense.
It's simply an innovation which MUST be more widely implemented... a cause for 2004...

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