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May 26, 2009 06:47 AM

Mount Stephen Club.

We have been taking friends to the Mt. Stephen Club for Sunday brunch to celebrate birthdays etc., for many years. The last few years, it has been rather spotty one way or another. Last Sunday we invited friends there and afterwards, decided that is the last time. Main buffet lacked many dishes, some definitely not up to standard, very poor and restricted main dish selection of cod, lamb or beef, very slow and erratic service, a dearth of cheeses on the cheese board, etc. So now we are looking for ideas as to another charming and atmospheric place we can invite family and friends to celebrate special occasions. Suggestions, please? Thank you! Rosemary

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  1. Chez Gautier 3487 Parc
    M sur Masson 2876 Masson
    La Petite Ardoise 222 Laurier O
    Tour de Ville 777 University

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    1. re: MartinSLR

      I definitely will second M sur Masson. The place isn't huge but their brunch is certainly a delight.

    2. One place I love going to for Brunch on special occasions is THE WILLOWS in Hudson. I am from the downtown area but I never mind taking a drive up to the Willows for a great brunch by the water. Check out their Website!!! I don't see how anyone can't love this place. I promise they don't skimp on anything!

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        Thank you for your input, Alyson. We usually visit the Willows in the summer after a visit to Finnigan's Market which is a delightful morning's work and requires some nourishment afterwards!! The site is just beautiful, looking out onto the lake. I also like very much a restaurant on Main Street in the village opposite where La Cache was/is, further along from Clementine's. It has a terrace on the side. Don't know the name. We live on the South Shore ( 40-60 minutes away) so taking, inviting friends to Hudson is not always feasible. Something with a certain charm, elegant menu, more central which everyone can reach without any hassle is in order for this. We will check out Martin SLR's suggestions. Thank you. The Tour de Ville is not my favourite because of the vertigo effect. The food is good and it is a great suggestion for non-vertigo sufferers. We will enjoy checking out his other suggestions.

        1. re: Rosemaryrl

          I recently found out they serve brunch on Sunday at Mahjongg Bistro.

          I haven't been so I can't say whether is it good or not but it sounds like an interesting idea!
          I've eaten at Mahjongg once and thought it was pretty good!
          If anyones tried it I'd love a report.

          1. re: jarschef

            > I recently found out they serve brunch on Sunday at Mahjongg Bistro.

            This is possibly the oddest combination of dishes on a single brunch menu ever. Smoked salmon *and* General Tao’s Chicken? Bagels & cream cheese *and* garlic spare ribs? Buttermilk pancakes *and* lasagna al forno?

            If anyone's ever been, how was it?

            1. re: kpzoo

              I know...but I'm intrigued!
              I guess a little something for everyone... its a combination of the food from Mahjongg and cafe DLUX which i have never been too.
              I agree.. I'd love a review!

              1. re: jarschef

                I haven't tried the brunch off the regular menu but I I tried their all you can eat buffet. They have an all you can eat brunch for $10 all weekend. It didn't have the most amazing selection but for $10 it was pretty good. They lacked in terms of fruit. They did offer some fruit with Yogurt. Scrambled eggs or Eggs Benedict. Pancakes and French toast, potatoes, Bacon and Sausage. The muffins and toasts were kind of stale but that could have been because it was just left out all morning.
                I also really like the salads off the regular menu at cafe DLUX. They have some pretty good appetizers too. To me D lux is ok but just another rip off of the cheesecake factory like Elixor.

                1. re: Alyson777

                  Can you clarify, because the all-you-can-eat brunch menu (Sundays from 11:00am to 2:30pm) I downloaded with the crazy mix of dishes says it's $25.95 per adult. Big price difference. Do they also offer a different, cheaper brunch, sans lasagna, Chinese food, etc?

                  1. re: kpzoo

                    I went on a Saturday... they had a brunch off the regular menu. They also had an all you can eat buffet inside Mahjong but we ate inside deluxe. It was $10 .. I don't think coffee was included. I never noticed the brunch for $25.95. They only advertised the $10 buffet when we got there. I don't think they offered the crazy mix on Saturdays. The brunch I had was just regular breakfast food. This was only in April or beginning of May so I am sure they have it still.

      2. Has anyone been to the bar at the Mount Stephen Club?

        I'm kind of curious whether anyone could "pop in" or if you need to have a membership? I've never actually been inside the building but was looking at their website today and I'm really fascinated and want to check it out. The old school bar looks like it'd serve up some great classic cocktails but I'm just wondering if anyone's ever tried it out and what kind of "scene" does this place attract, if any?