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May 26, 2009 06:36 AM

Last year's Brussels sprout plant

I planted a couple of Brussels sprout plants last July (my garden went in very late last year due to a combination of circumstances). By winter they had just barely started to sprout. I left the plants in the ground and they have started growing again, very tall and stalky with flowers.

My question is--will these plants ever be productive, or should I just yank them out now?

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  1. With FLOWERS? If this is the case, yes, yank them. The sprouts turn into flowers, which means they are now WAAAY past the stage you want to eat them.

    1. Yeah, they'll be of no use to you this year. You can try to save seeds from them by letting them flower and collecting the seeds, but even then whether they'll sprout true from seed depends on what variety you planted and whether they got cross-pollinated with any other nearby brassicas. It's best to pull them out and put something else in their place.

      1. just a thought, that you may have missed the actual sprouts as on the plant they look nothing like what most people expect:

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          No, they went into the ground so late that the sprouts didn't have a chance to get to edible size before hard winter set in. In the fall we can buy whole stalks with sprouts from our farmers market so I have a good idea what it should look like.

          I'm leaving one plant in the ground just to see what happens. The main plant has gotten huge. But there's a side shoot from the main plant that might turn into a stalk. We'll see.