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May 26, 2009 01:23 AM

Gjelina for group of 10-15?

I'm thinking of dinner for a large group on a sunday early evening at Gjelina. Hoping to try the outside garden area since people say it's quieter than the inside. Is this doable? (do they have seating to accomodate this size of a group?) Yay/nay?

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  1. They don't have the accomodation for large groups - certainly not inside, doubtful outside.

    1. was just sitting in the outdoor patio last night. they do have enough seating, but call ahead and see if they'd rearrange tables for you. there are long tables on the back wall that could just be pushed together.

      they also have a private side lounge room that might work.

      1. You might want to check out this tread before you try to do Gjelina with a party of 10-15.

        1. Gjelina is one of the hottest and most popular restaurants in L.A. these days, and the food is well worth the crowds. They do a lot of things right, such as offering tasty food in small plates and allowing groups to order in waves. But OMG I would hate to have to deal with a group of 10-15 diner there -- our party of eight was jammed into a space that could only accommodate six comfortably. They don't need the extra business these days, there is no valet parking, so a group of that size is going to create considerable consternation and delays with people getting backed up on either end. Bad idea. Take your favorite foursome for a great meal at Gjelina and take the big group to a place than needs the business and can devote the space and resources to the party and will treat it as special. And I am a big fan of Gjelina, and thought the thread about them turning down the couple was unfair.

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            our party of three was jammed into a tiny table in the doorway to the patio.
            there wasn't really enough room on the table to accommodate the food.

            nevertheless, the food will bring me back. . .

            why did you think the thread was unfair? seems to me that gjelina was perfectly fair in their treatment of the couple. also, i believe that is was perfectly fair to let folks know how crowded and booked this restaurant is.

          2. I've been with a group of dozen or so inside Gjelina, and I've dined near parties larger than that outside. Both were fine. They can accommodate you if you reserve. Don't listen to the doomsayers.