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May 25, 2009 11:59 PM

Tipsy pig? Always this loud?

I had reservations at the Tipsy Pig today and I could not stay more than 10 minutes. The place was beyond loud and we informed the hostess before getting seated. I don't mind a happy crowd but after 10 minutes my ears were ringing. Is there a time that is less noisy? And if not , is the food worth the headache? I love NOPA and it can be hard on the ears also but TP seemed a few decibels higher. Of course it may just be me.

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  1. I still have a big bone to pick with this place. Proclaiming the title/label of a "gastropub," I feel that you better have a damn interesting beer list. Maybe this is just an opinion, but their tap list is terribly boring and their bottle list is good at best. I feel like I could stumble into nearly any bar in SF and grab a pint of any of the beers they have available on tap. In their defense, the wine list is pretty legit. Though visually organized poorly, there are some really interesting, and not terribly overly marked up wines

    1. I've found it pleasant on the earlier side of any evening and on sunday-wednesday. The first time I went I found it loud and have since adjusted the times that I go and have solved the problem.

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        I've been twice, both times on Sunday at about 6:00PM, and both times made reservations in advance requesting seating in the "library" which is somewhat quiter--maybe "less loud" is a better way of putting it. Both times our request was honored and we were seated there. We liked the food on both occasions and had great service.