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May 25, 2009 10:23 PM

Name your 2/3 favorite dinner spots in Sawtelle Blvd

I need to take some out of town visitors for dinner, and we will be around Sawtelle. Any ideas? They asked for, generally speaking, some sort of Asian. Could you tell me a little bit about your 2/3 favorite spots in Sawtelle?


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  1. Can you be more specific? The restaurants on sawtelle really are all over the place style wise!

    Want Japanese-Italian? Try Blue Marlin

    Japanese bar food? Furaibo

    Japanese-French small plates? Orris

    There is not a lot of overlap (except for the two curry places.)

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      Any recs for non-Japanese? I don't eat seafood/fish, and I find Japanese to be LARGELY seafood. I live pretty close though, and the only place I've eaten is Tofu-Ya (which I thought was solid for Korean BBQ), Little Hong Kong Cafe (meh, kinda greasy, bland), and one of the curry places (solid).

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        Chabuya, 2117. Miso 212.
        Looking for quick, fresh take-out. Try Granada Market and Tempura House.

    2. It really depends on what you want. If you want sushi (a few cooked dishes as well), Kiriko is the best on Sawtelle--though if you would be willing to drive about 5 minutes to Pico and Gateway, I would highly recommend trying Mori instead. For Japanese-French small plates, Orris is hard to beat (no reservations, though); another good option for Japanese-French is Restaurant 2117. Bar Hayama offers a nice variety of pub food (including decent sushi) and had a terrific outdoor firepit you can dine around. Place Yuu is also good but is outshined by the competition. Robata-ya is quite good and offers an interesting variety of skewers, though the chicken skewers down the street at Yakitoriya are better (but poultry only and far less comfortable). For Chinese, your choices are the hit-and-miss Hong Kong Cafe and the better (but, again, less attractive) Hop Woo just a short walk down Olympic. Not a fan of Miso 212. Of these, and excluding Mori since it is not on Sawtelle, my top three would be Bar Hayama, Kiriko and Orris, alphabetically, of course.

      1. Wherever you go, be sure to stop by Yogurtland for some taro yogurt with red bean and mochi toppings. Yum!

        1. A search on this board yields:

          My top 3 currently:
          1. Place Yuu - izakaya & sushi - they got plenty of non-seafood dishes for mdpilam
          2. Chabuya - ramen
          3. Kiriko - sushi & fusion sushi
          Honorary mention: Nanbankan - robata & Bar Hayama - great patio & good food

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          1. re: J.L.

            Thanks so much. Your responses have been incredibly useful. I will report back after our dinner (choice of venue will be up to my guests... I'll show them your recs).

          2. bar hayama - fun place (sushi and cooked stuff) - nice outdoor patio with huge fire pit in the middle. just a nice space and fairly good food.

            mizu 212 - shabu shabu. this place used to be much better and i haven't been in a while, but it's fun for people who like shabu or haven't done it before.

            one place that his cheap and good and fun is daichan kaiten sushi - conveyor belt sushi that is clean. they have cooked dishes too. the staff and sushi chefs are really fun and i always just have a relaxed and fun time here - no attitude/hassle.

            furaibo is a fun place for a snack and beer, but the quality is suspect and i tend to leave with a stomach ache that comes from the use of old oil in the frying process. i would stop for a chicken wing and beer - but move on quickly.