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May 25, 2009 09:33 PM

Where to buy fresh aji amarillo LA/OC

Anyone ever seen these available? (Not the canned type).

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  1. actually, searching for these myself. I heard that the peruvian rotisserie place pollo mania in el monte has a red/orange aji sauce using these the red/orange aji peppers instead of jalepenos. perhaps can ask the restaurant where they buy it.


    1. Look for 'Chile Manzana' at markets catering to Mexicans. I've purchased it at the Food for Less on Anaheim in Harbor city.


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        Thanks but I think the manzana are more like the Peruvian rocoto chiles, the one I'm trying to find is the long skinny aji amarillo. Thanks, though.

      2. Anybody else? I'd like to incorporate more Peruvian dishes into my repertoire.

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          Never did find any fresh. I did buy a bag of frozen though, from a restaurant here in LB.

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