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May 25, 2009 08:59 PM

kauai-substitute for ribfest

for first time in years we'll miss the reno ribfest because we'll be in kauai!! anywhere i can take my husband to get his rib fix on labor day?

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  1. There are two BBQ places on Kauai- Harley's and Scotty's. Both are not very good, unfortunately.

    1. Well not traditionally bbq ribs; if you are in the Poipu area you could go to Roy's and have drinks and their Mongolian BBQ Ribs they are sticky sweet and full of flavor. This is an appetizer size but you get quite a few (can't remember exact number). Just a suggestion I don't get to Kauai
      anymore and even then it was to Kokee where home cooking is the order of the trip takes about
      and hour or so just to get all the way up there!