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May 25, 2009 08:57 PM

Quick lunch places in Gentilly?

Hi - we're doing rebuilding work this week in Gentilly. Any good lunch spots?

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  1. I am not to far from the Gentilly area. I work in New Orleans East and I would have to suggest Castnet or Walkers BBQ, 10828 Hayne Blvd New Orleans, LA 70127 - (504) 241-8227). They are next door to each other.

    Walkers has great chicken and a cochon de Lait poboy that is great!!!

    Castnet has very good seafood, however mostly fried. They do have boiled seafood on the fresh seafood side.

    1. hey, i posted earlier but there seems to have been a malfunction. i was attempting to suggest zimmer's seafood, at the corner of st. anthony and mirabeau, for good poboys and fried and boiled seafood and a lot of other good stuff. the only problem is it's takeout only. no seating. which is also the case for mckenzie's chicken in a box, on frenchmen near the intersection of elysian fields and gentilly blvd. good, cheap fried chicken but no seating. there's really not much in gentilly. you might consider taking harrison through city park to the lakeview area. on harrison in lakeview, you'll find good burgers at lakeview harbor, nola bean, a sandwich/coffee shop-type place, and dixie chicken and ribs, which i haven't tried but have heard fairly good things about. if you see another, similar but slightly different post from me, you can disregard this one or that one. or both :)

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        Thank you both Sounds great! We hit Liuzza's today (first time) but we've got three more lunches to go, so we will follow your advice. Takeout is what we're looking for - we're too grubby with drywall dust to sit down anywhere. Thanks so much!

      2. Good info to know - I work @ Dillard - never thought to ask about food places in the area