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May 25, 2009 08:19 PM

Columbia County-Farm raised products?

My folks recently moved to Canann, in the notheast section of Columbia County. I am anxious to source out great farm raised products nearby. Fruits, vegetables, dairy, baked goods and especially fresh meats and poultry sold directly from the farms.

I know of a few like Old Chatham Sheepherding and the place in Hawthorne Valley, but there must be so many more. Please give me some suggestions. Of course, proximity to Canaan a plus, as is a reasonable price. Fire away!

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  1. You might want to try the Berry Patch, which is on Route 203 about three miles from the village of Chatham.

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        That's a great link. Thanks. Any specific recommendations?

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          Wow. Let's see. The Berry Farm is an excellent farm market you should check out and there's a great nursery right across the road. The beef at Grazin' Angus Acres is gaining renown in NYC. You might run into a supermodel at Loveapple Farm.

          I haven't been to the Chatham Farmer's Market
          but the one in Hudson is decent, and talking to farmers and customers is a great way to find out what's good locally.

          Print out that map and keep it in your car; it would be a great resource for discover the beautiful country roads of Columbia County, and the farmstands along the way.


      2. If you don't mind a ride down 22 to Hillsdale, there's a decent roadside stand/farm place near the firehouse. It's on Whipporwill Rd (see Google Maps) and it's called White Oak Farms. They make a great BBQ sauce (no kidding) and they have fresh produce pretty much all June. July and August. 518-325-3384

        I used to live just up the hill from times.

        1. One of our favorites is Sir William Farm in Craryville, just south of route 23 on county route 7. They have heritage pork that is wonderful, and very reasonably priced. They also have beef. All the meat is frozen, and I have found the beef does not measure up to the pork, which is not really affected by freezing. They also sell all kinds of preserves and home-canned fruits and vegetables. Everything is in refrigerated cases, and you just serve yourself and pay by leaving cash in the box, or running your credit card through a machine and leaving the receipt in the box. If you like goat, you can buy frozen goat meat, as well as goats' milk and cheese, at Triple H Ranch in Claverack.

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            Forgot about Sir William! And even though Random Harvest is nearby (on Rte 23 where you turn to get to Sir William) and has good food (and carries lots local produce) they are WAY expensive.

            I can recommend Sir William for meat, the beef is OK but the pork is quite excellent.

          2. I lived in Canaan for several years (brother still there) and Mom and the rest in Kinderhook. I used to go to the farmstand at the bottom of County Rte 5, by the Taconic exit, they had the freshest produce and you left your money in a tin can. Wonder if that still is true? There was a dairy farm across the street. Mom swears by the Berry Farm although I prefer farm stands that don't peddle all kinds of merchandise. But when it's strawberry time, you have to pick some up.

            For bakery, all you have to do is go right into Chatham to Our Daily Bread.

            In the Valatie area, there are several apple farms that are the epitome of the genre. I am spoiled and so picky about my apples now, if they don't drip with juice I'm disappointed. That would be later in the summer though. Lots of places over the Rip Van Winkle for apples too, it's great when the leaves are changing.

            Loveapple Farm is something different for sure. I used to go there for their homemade dilly beans. They're very nice people.