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May 25, 2009 07:49 PM

Best Lamb Burger

Where in NYC can i find the best lamb burger? The only place i've liked so far has been metro wine bar. Please help.

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    1. Three Corner Field Farm, at the Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays and Saturdays, sells outstanding ground lamb, if you're in a DIY mood. They'll return to the Greenmarket in mid-June.

      1. Pera. Universally loved by all people I take there.

        1. well since you asked "where in nyc...?" i will share with you the very best, but it's not manhattan.

          the very best lamb burger is at the XI'AN counter in the basement food court of the golden mall in flushing, queens (41-28 Main Street). it is packed full of cumin and spice and it is beyond awesome. get the liang pier noodle dish with it and you are set.

          totally worth the trip to flushing in and of itself!

          1. Soda Bar on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights