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May 25, 2009 06:35 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Near Long Beach/Cypress?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a early July rehearsal dinner in the Long Beach / Cypress / Cerritos area (more toward the 605 rather than LB near downtown or the 710) -- this area seems to be a dining wasteland though (I live there).

I'm looking for a place that has a private dining area, non-Asian food (I'm Chinese, and have had my fill of asian banquet food), a fixed menu for guests, and around $25-40/pp)...

So far I'm leaning toward Park Ave. in Stanton, one of my favorite places, but would love to hear more suggestions!

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  1. We had our rehearsal dinner at Aromas (Italian) in Cerritos - food was good, but you have a private room. If I remember correctly you could pick your menu - depending on how much you want to spend. The restaurant was very accomodating.

    1. Not too far in Los Alamitos is Shenandoah at the Arbor. I've heard that it has nice banquet facilities..and food is pretty good (though I haven't had it since it was in Belmont Shore)

      1. Does it matter how casual it is? I hear Schooner or Later near PCH by the 405/605/22 area is quite fun. Not sure if they have a private area, but I'm sure they would be willing to work with you.
        Khoury's in the same area is a bit more upscale and formal, and has private dining facilities. If your group is big enough, I would suggest the covered patio area....great views of the ocean and marina.

        110 N Marina Dr, Long Beach, CA 90803

        Schooner Or Later
        241 N Marina Dr, Long Beach, CA 90803

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          Schooner or later is VERY casual (right at the marina - outdoor tables, birds jumping on the tables to grab food . . . much bigger birds flying over head . . .) and their only "indoor" area is a small area enclosed as weather necessitates where you can't really see the marina - which is why most people go - although the food is great. Not fancy - but substantial. However, I've only been for breakfast/lunch - not sure if they even do dinner. If EEK is thinking along Park Ave. lines, Schooner is not what he's looking for.

        2. You didn't mention how many were in the party, but I can recommend George's Greek in Belmont Shore area - go it and look it over - ask to be shown their upstairs loft area. If you make arrangements (talk to the manager) to eat mid-afternoon and be done before the regular dinner hour, you can reserve it for a small group (up to 30 - 35 perhaps) and it's fun being up there. We had a family party there and they were great. It worked out very well for us since it was a surprise party and she didn't figure it out until she got all the way up the stairs. There's also a big area to hang a banner on (which they allowed us to do). You can definitly do it on your budget & include some appetizers too - but watch the wine - or tell guests they're on their own for the drink tab. We got a sample taste of three wines, and of course (didn't know) the one we liked was the $40 bottle one . . . good thing we asked right away - we had 25 people who liked wine . . .