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May 25, 2009 05:53 PM

Farmers Markets ect. - week of May 25th

New week and a fresh conversation. Where are you shopping this week? What arrived in the Markets? What was in your CSA share? Did you visit a farm? What did you find that was fresh and local and lovely?

We are just back from Maine where we were served lots of foraged foods- fiddleheads, ramps, and mushrooms. What is your favorite foraged food and do you feel better buying these items from someone you know--like a farmer at a farmers' market?

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  1. Picked up asparagus, baby spinach, and pea tendrils from Verrill Farm this week. We've eaten the asparagus already; it was great as usual. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with the pea tendrils.

    My favorite foraged foods are ramps and morels. Didn't buy any this week though. Made a ramp and asparagus risotto a couple of weeks ago with stuff from Verrill that was was just plain fantastic (if I do say so myself). I guess I feel better buying those things from a farmer, as you say - never think to buy stuff like that when I'm at the supermarket.

    1. I made a quick circuit of the Copley Market yesterday. Atlas has more of those wonderful strawberries. They are fully ripe and luscious. My husband ate a pint of them for dessert last night.

      I also picked up lettuce from Atlas, green garlic and Sofra's Earthquake Cookies from Sienna and restocked my local hone supply from Keown Orchards. When I mentioned that I had run out last week, he said he would bring some for me and did. That's the kind of service you don't find at the supermarket.

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        I learned more about the strawberries. They grew them in the ground under a greenhouse (high Tunnel) cover. more details and photos here.

      2. I bought some strawberries from Atlas farms at the Copley market yesterday. They were expensive, but delicious. Also, baby bok choy from Atlas, and a huge bunch of mint and some eggs from a stand I can't remember the name of.

        I stopped at Idlewild farms in Acton on my way to visit my inlaws this weekend. They have Hadley asparagus right now, as well as nice fiddleheads and ramps. They were delicious in a quick braise topped with a poached egg.

        1. Govtg Ctr didn't have much today. 2 bakeries and Freitas..mostly flower plants and herbs to plant.

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            Sometimes, this early in the season, you have to check among the plants! I haven't been to the City Hall market yet so you are probably right.

            I shopped the new Prudential Center Market today. I bought fig and aniste bread, muffins and a sandwich from Sel de la Terre. Another loaf of bread from When Pigs Fly. From Silverbrook I have mint and asparagus and strawberries, cucumber and tomato from another stand.

            Drumlin had some lovely chives with flowers but I forgot to go back and get them after my first walk through. Silverbook also had fiddleheads. I think they were about $4 a pint.

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              I did check the plants and herbs. I've already planted what they were selling..:)

              Gov Ctr just looked pretty sad...3 lonely vendors and I was hoping for something more like you wrote about Copley.

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                Well you will just have to hop the T to Copley. I used to make regular trips to Brookline, now Copey has grown into a market that is only missing the Smith's cheese and the fish lady.

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                  Took advantage of the beautiful weather and biked to Copley today.

                  Market is practically in full swing, lots of produce, Stillman's beef, goat cheese. Bought some nice strawberries and arugula.

                  Copley vs Gov Ctr is like night and day.

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                    Going to hit Copley for the first time this season on my way home today. Can't wait!!

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                      I'm totally addicted to the Mediterranean marinaded goat cheese the little cheese stand sells. MM! I got some of that. I also picked up a bag of spinach and some shiitake mushrooms from farmer Chris at Sienna Farms.

          2. This week at Davis Square were: River Rock Farms, Fiore di Nonni mozzarella, the goat cheese stall, two bakers, and lots and lots of potted plants. I bought mine from Gilman's farm -- great looking thai basil, thyme, marjoram.

            I wasn't in the market for greens, and that's pretty much all the fresh produce they had.

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              There should be plenty of local greens everywhere now. Today is my first harvest of organic lettuce grown in my back yard here in Belmont. I pick leaves off of 12 assorted plants so I can harvest over a good long time and have a nice variety. The plants are finally big enough to do that. I probably could have started a couple of weeks ago if I had not been so lazy about getting the plants in the ground!