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May 25, 2009 05:35 PM

Bonjour Brioche - shouldn't they know the price of a brioche??

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience at Bonjour Brioche... I've been several times for brunch, but this time stopped in for just a brioche on Sunday.

However, when I ordered my brioche the cashier didn't actually know how much the brioche cost. She said "I think it's around $4.50." I asked if she could find out the real price and she proceeded to ask a few other servers near the cash, but no one knew. She then left to find the manager, but couldn't... she came back and said "Everyone else says it's at least $4, so I'll charge you that." I was surprised that no one knew the cost of a brioche at Bonjour Brioche! Is this a common occurrence there?

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  1. Not for me - perhaps the cashier was new? IMO, Bonjour Brioche's brioche, while not the best in the city, is the best for the money. I find them quite inexpensive compared to, for example, Ma Maison. I needed two large rectangular loaves of brioche a little while ago, and it would have cost me $18 at Ma Maison. It was $8 at Bonjour Brioche, and light, buttery, and perfectly crisp (when toasted in the oven, to be served with a foie gras torchon). Bonjour Brioche is not without its flaws, to be sure, but my positive experiences there most definitely outnumber the negative ones.

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      All the reviews seem to say the food service and the food quality are diametrically opposite.