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May 25, 2009 05:09 PM

new lost dog cafe in va. square?

was at a friend's party on saturday night and people said a new location is open in virginia square. has anyone been? is it as good as the other location?

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  1. Where is it? I knew they were opening one on Columbia Pike, but hadn't noticed one around Va Square.

    1. Their website mentions a new location on Columbia Pike, but doesn't say anything about Va. Square. I think you got some misinformation.

      1. I went this past weekend.

        The new location is on Columbia Pike at the intersection with Walter Reed (across the street from Bangkok 54).

        The menu is identical to the original in North Arlington, and the they have the same great beer selection.

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        1. re: Bill4242

          How's the parking? I see on the website that you can park in the building. I'm about equal distance from the two locations, so if the wait times are shorter and the parking's OK, we might start going to the new one. BTW, the original Lost Dog is expanding into the laundromat space next door.

          1. re: Henry Spencer

            There appeared to be parking in the condo garage, but I didn't see it until I was leaving. I just parked across the street at the Eckerd.

            As for the wait, it's probably too early to tell how it will be, but on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 only half the tables were full (unsurprisingly, I suppose, since it had just opened and it was on off time). It had about the same amount of bar and table space, maybe a bit less.

            The food was just as good as at the original location.

            1. re: Bill4242

              Went there tonight around 7:30. We got seated right away, but it was full when we left. You can park free under the building, but it looks as though that won't always be the case when the building fills up. The service isn't quite up to speed yet, but the food and beer are identical to the original (Arrogant Bastard on tap tonight, yum).