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May 25, 2009 04:34 PM

Main Madness, Taste of the Caribbean or Cultural Feast at Point à Callière?

All three of these events are on this week-end! How are we to choose? Anyone have a plan on how to do all of them in one week-end? I need ideas... what food not to miss, what to walk by quickly. I have never attended any of these events in the past, but would love to do as much as possible this year.

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  1. Main Madness will surely happen again later this summer, so that could wait.

    If you were ambitious, you could do Pointe-à-Callières on Saturday and Taste of the Caribbean on Sunday...

    Edit: and if you wanted to be uber-ambitious, Main Madness actually starts on Thursday:

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      that's exactly what I was gonna do. Except I was gonna throw in Code Camp Montreal (the english bits of it) at UQAM for good measure.

    2. I'm planning on Main Madness on either Friday afternoon or saturday. Then Pointe-à-Callières on Saturday or Sunday. I think that Taste of the Carribean is over priced.

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      1. re: bigfellow

        > I think that Taste of the Carribean is over priced.

        Have you ever been?

        1. re: kpzoo

          My mistake!!!!! I listened to a dj talk about it on CBC this morning. He led me to believe that it was $40 dollars to get in, PLUS you had to buy food tickets to eat. Since your post I looked at their web site and found out that the $40 covers everything.

          I just may have to go on Sunday.

          1. re: bigfellow

            I'm thinking maybe Point-à-Callière & Main Madness on Saturday... then Taste of the Caribbean on Sunday. I may have to cancel some family plans for the sake of eating.

            1. re: bigfellow

              I went last year and had a total blast. You pay once and don't have to pay again except for bottled water and soft drinks. Bring thy appetite there is a LOT of food and it is all you can eat eat eat eat eat. And if you value your hearing do not sit near the loudspeakers -- been there done that.

              I am happy it is moving downtown, last year it was in VSL which wasn't convenient for us transit users.

              1. re: rwarren

                Don't forget the cocktail alcohol drinks, which they charge extra(unless you buy the $100 VIP Patron ticket).

              2. re: bigfellow

                It cost $40 if you buy the ticket beforehand. At the door(if tickets still available), it's $45.

          2. Does anyone want to meet and do any of the above?

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            1. re: bigfellow

              I'm game if I get to make 0 decisions.

                1. re: Andria

                  So, is the weather going to hold up for this weekend? I hope so. Are you guys planning to meet?

                  1. re: megmtl

                    I am going for sure on Sunday. You may email me at

                    1. re: Andria

                      I'm up for it if (a big if at this point, unfortunately) the weather's okay. Either day's good.

                      Bigfellow has my email & vice-versa.

                      1. re: Shattered

                        In old montreal cultural feast i had skippy (kangaroo) and it was delicious, they had sliced meat, sausages, patties and souvlaki on their grill. I had the latter with pita and sauce for $4 and it was tender and delicious. Second best was the assorted ukrainian treats from stash cafe kiosk. Jerk chicken was just so-so. Coconut macarons from Marius and Fanny were delicious and they gave out free chocolates (your choice), free samples of pistachio and other fudge. Apple pie from cider kiosk was chock full of apples. Had samples of trendy flavoured rice pudding (chocolate marshmallow?) from riz en folie kiosk and with a unibroue no appetite left to try out other cuisines. The sun came out and more warmth was added by Lynda Thalie who sang for an hour, followed by a Brazilian group. The chef Louis Tremblay was demonstrating a salmon tartare with pansy jelly (he uses four kinds of flowers in his cooking). The big plus was the ambience. There were artisanal products for purchase from ciders, jams, preserves etc There were different kiosks this year such as bilboquet, supplier of different nuts, maple syrup farms, duck farms, etc

            2. We checked Main Madness yesterday and didn't get what the deal was. OK, the food was served outside, almost street food style, but from what I've observed it was no different than what you'd be able to buy from the establishments on this street, on a regular Saturday afternoon. Yes there were other festivities, but chow-wise I am not getting it. Did I miss anything special?

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              1. re: emerilcantcook

                I felt the same way... it was ok, but nothing different. The chicken sandwich from Vielle Europe was the favorite thing that I tried. That being said, it is hard to go wrong with grilled meat... unless it is overdone to the point of being hard & dry... like the sausage from the Hugarian place.

                I am hoping fro better things today at A Taste of the Caribbean.

                1. re: emerilcantcook

                  You got it exactly right. It's like that every year. There might be one or two unusual offers, but it's mostly just the restaurants and shops taking their food outside. Nothing to write home about AFAIC.

                2. I just found your emails in my spam box. Sorry that I didn't reply.