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May 25, 2009 04:23 PM

Bev Gannon taking over Seawatch. Plus a few Maui dining question.

Just read on Wailea Golf's website that Bev Gannon is taking over Seawatch this August. I always enjoyed her stuff at Joe's the couple of times I went (which was 9 and 12 years ago). Seawatch was always a good lunch spot.

My question - I'm staying at Grand Wailea in a couple of week's for 7 nites. Definetely will be heading next door to Ferraro's and Spago. Is Duo a must? Also will go to Lahaina at least one night and was thinking Lahaina Grill. Should we even consider Pacific'O or I'O? Any other places if we drive back to Lahaina for another nite? Is a drive to Merriman's worth it one night? Also, I remember eating at A Pacific Cafe down the road in Kihei. Is that place still around?

I heard Nick's Fishmarket went downhill. That was a hot place when I was last there 9 years ago. Any recent reports?

I guess we should consider Mama's as well. Anyone know how long of a drive from the Wailea area?

Lastly, do I need reservations a week in advance for these places or will I be able to decide when we get down there and go with the flow?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Spago and Nicks both have gone downhill. A shame. Duo is still fine as is the Japanese place in the Grand Wailea. Sarento's is an Italian-ish place that is very good about 5 minutes from Grand Wailea, Its on the ocean and a nice place to watch the sunset with a drink in your hand.

    1. Spago is OK but not stellar in the food department. They do have two items I really enjoy. The Maui onion bread is great and the Poke in sesame miso cones are excellent even if they do serve them on nappy wooden boards. If you are lucky enough to get a terrace table the view here alone can be worth the price of admission.
      Duo was nothing short of terrbile for us. An experience that resulted in a seething letter being sent to the Four Seasons on our return. Not an experience I would ever care to repeat.
      Do not miss the Lahaina grill. It's the one "must" for us on maui. While Moma's is not my favorite I do think it's a fun part of Maui at least once.
      Depending on when you go a week ahead for reservations may not be nearly enough.
      There is also a Roy's and a sansei in Kihei you may want to consider.

      1. A Pacific Cafe has been gone for years from both Kihea and their Kauai location. Too bad as it was pretty good. We visit Maui every year (in March) and also stay in Wailea. This time we didn't even drive in to Laihaina - there's plenty of good restaurants right there in the Wailea/Kihei area. But if you do go to Lahaina, have you tried Longhi's? We love it there (much better than the Longhi's in Wailea). In Wailea we had a different experience than the other two reviewers - we actually thought Spago was better than before and one of our better meals! Also, Sarento's is always good and love the atmosphere. Our best meal however was at Ko at the Kea Lani. It's a pretty casual outdoor dining space but the food was awesome! I do love Mamas although we usually go there for lunch now instead of driving that far for dinner. Good to hear that Bev Gannon is going to take over Seawatch - it was awful this year even though we've always enjoyed it before. We're not crazy about Joe's but love Hali'mali for lunch. We never made reservations more than a few days in advance and didn't have any problem getting in.

        Enjoy your trip!

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          We were there last October, loved Joes's, we had a large party of 12 and they did a great job. Longhi's in Wailea did a wonderful coconut pineapple scone in the morning that brought us back two additional visits it was so good!

          Had drinks and dinner at Ferraro's for 14 after a wedding on the beach at the Four Season's. Food, wine and service was excellent, I would go back there in a minute.

          Bev also designed the food for Hawaian Airlines in first class, some of the best airlines food I have every had.

          1. re: wawinelover

            We'll also be in Waiea area next week. What about casual type places you can do dinner in that area? Some nights you just don't feel like a Ferraro's or Spagos etc. Some place where you can get a more casual yet tasty meal that isn't too formal or (dare I say this referring to Maui?) pricey?

            1. re: keena

              You might consider Matteo's or Tommy Bahama. Had some amazing crab bisque at Tommy Bahama last month. They aren't exactly cheap, but a bit less expensive than some of the other places. Matteo's has some pretty solid pizza.

              1. re: Juji

                I have to admit this and though initially I was against trying them again Juji is correct
                in that Tommy Bahama has really good crab bisque and salads. We were there in
                mid March. We also had these drinks called hurricanes (but not the kind you may be
                thinking of glass wise) and the first one has sort of a smashed umbrella the more you
                have each time the umbrella comes more trashed like it would under those conditions.
                They also had some really good bread and butter with spices.

          2. I think that Lahaina Grill would be worth the trek. I also think that Merriman's would be worth the effort. We missed Pacific'O's last trip and it was good "then," but not worth the driving. Have not dined at I`O, but did dine with their chef briefly. As has been stated, he said the right things, but that does not mean that the food is as good as was presented.

            I also think that Bev Gannon's Hali`imaile General Store would also be worth the drive, as would Mama's Fish House.

            Good luck,


            1. Our favorite place is Hali'imaile General Store. Hands down the best food on Maui. Laid back atmosphere, and away from all the resorts, It is fabulous. Drive over for an early dinner. You won't regret it.

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                I also feel that they are at the top. I only regret that I did not read my e-mail from them more closely, as they clearly stated that they were closed for lunch on Saturday.

                Our loss!