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May 25, 2009 03:54 PM

il Casale in Belmont Center - why no buzz?

I understand they haven't had an official opening yet, but they have been serving food for a month or so now. Why isn't there any buzz about this place, especially with a top notch Boston area chef running the kitchen? Do they need a new PR person? Is Belmont too boring? The il Casale website finally has a dinner menu up (and it looks real good with moderate prices for both food and drink) but not much else is on the website. TV Diner filmed there last week and the interview with Dante was shown this past weekend. I'm anxious to check out the bar and try their "little tastes" menu to sample a variety of their food. Menu:

Has anyone been there and what do you think?

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  1. Didn't even know it existed. Menu looks awesome.

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      Its in the old firehouse on Leonard Street - has been undergoing work for months now. They have outdoor tables in front, which look great, but I haven't been by at a time when they are actually open to see them in action. I did stop and look in the windows on Saturday with my kids - no menu outside but looks very nice inside. I overheard a passerby say it was "the best food in Boston" but took it for hyperbole as "the best food in Belmont" wouldn't be much of a bar to jump.

      At least it isn't another bank.

    2. I've seen it mentioned in a few local publications and online: The Globe (or at least, the Improper, Yelp, a bunch of local food blogs. Part of the problem may be that this project seemed like it had an endless incubation: it was "coming soon" for months and month and months. I'm guessing this was because it's a pain in the butt to get permits and licenses etc. sorted out: Il Casale is one of the first full-liquor licenses (if not the first) since Belmont recently ended a decades-long spell as a dry town. I'm anxious to try it now that it's finally, actually, for-real open.

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        1. My understanding is that the business at Il Casale is booming, they were doing several hundred covers a night a few weeks after their soft opening.

          One of the bartenders from the restaurant Dante, Jason, is/was at Il Casale to help that side of the house get up to speed.

          1. I've been hearing about it for months and I don't even live in Boston anymore...reports from my long-distance spies all bode well.