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May 25, 2009 03:44 PM

Aujourd'hui closing

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  1. A sad statement on the Mass. economy...

    1. i've been waiting for the next special occasion to try this place out. sad

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      1. re: Snoop37

        It was years ago, but I have had brunch and dinner here and it is (was) something special.

      2. only went once, years ago, someone else picked up the check, but when i managed to eyeball the total i felt sick to my stomach.
        does anyone really eat like this anymore?
        obviously not, if it were a viable concern it would remain open.

        1. Not a huge surprise. Grand dining in hotels seems to be in great decline.

          Both Ritz Carlton and Taj have closed their "fine dining" restaurants in the last few years. Langham former Meridien closed Julien for a different type place..Bond. Millenium Hotel did not open a high end restaurant, mid priced.

          I question how Sensing in Battery Wharf Fairmont Hotel is doing.

          I'd hate to see the Oak Room in Copley Plaza close.

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          1. re: 9lives

            I checked today and the sumptous Sunday Aujourd'hui brunch will not be continued at the downstairs restaurant (which will have a breakfast brunch)

            Thus, only a few weekends left to enjoy one of the best values in Boston (unlimited lobster!)

          2. Too bad. The food was worth the price. I ate there five years ago and still think about the lobster risotto with truffle oil I had.

            The only down side was the room had all the atmosphere of a cafeteria. Large and vacant...