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May 25, 2009 03:42 PM

salt & pepper squid in PDX?

One of my favorite dishes in Chinatown in SFO is salt & pepper squid. It's lightly battered and fried. Anyone know of a place in Portland for this?


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  1. I haven't been in a few years, but Thien Hong up on NE Sandy around 67th used to have great S&P squid.

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    1. re: JillO

      I *just* went to Thien Hong during a quick visit home a couple of weeks ago. The squid was just as delicious (crispy outside, tender inside, perfectly cooked onions scattered around the top - and the salt! SO GOOD) as I remembered from years ago. Granted, the other dishes at Thien Hong are not quite as noteworthy, though I also love their garlic-sauteed pea tip shoots.

      1. re: brooklyndigest

        Those pea tip shoots I remember too. And they used to make a great fried whole fish and a terrific tofu with shrimp paste as well.

    2. I like the pepper salted squid at My Canh at NE 39th and Broadway, although I like the pepper salted tofu even better.

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      1. re: Nettie

        Malay satay hut has a good version.