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May 25, 2009 03:38 PM

Autour du Monde

Has anyone been to Autour du Monde in Clinton Hill in the past few months? I just found out that their new chef is Frank Coe, who used to own the Wild Goose in Cutchogue, family always loved that place....and Frank is a real character.....

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  1. It's been posted about elsewhere on this blog, but it's great -- a very nice addition to the neighborhood, everything I've had there is good, although I've only ever been for brunch. Didn't know it had such a high pedigree though -- and I seem to recall the owners are French?

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      I went to Autour du Monde yesterday and had an absolutely fantastic meal. I have to say that this meal ranks right up there in terms of Brooklyn dining experiences that I have had. I had the $25 3 course prix fixe. My appetizer was an excellent savory corn cake with a cilantro sauce. The cake had a little bit of heat and a great crunchy exterior. The sizing was perfect (two medium sized cakes) for an appetizer. My fellow diners had the crab cakes and the goat cheese terrine, all of which were excellent as well. I then had the five spice crusted cod which was perfectly cooked with moist fish complemented by a crunchy, savory spice crust. The cod was served on a bed of broccoli rabe and string beans, all of which were also perfectly cooked. For dessert I had the savory bread pudding with craime Anglaise and Strawberry Coulis. One of my fellow diners had the duck which was very good (albeit the least impressive of the dishes) which came with an excellent side salad of tropical fruit and salad greens.

      Every single dish was presented beautifully and the service was great. The restaurant also has a small but thoughtful wine list with several affordable choices.

      I highly recommend this place. I envy Clinton Hill residents for having such a great restaurant in their neighborhood. I am more than willing to make the trip from Park Slope to go to dinner there and hope to do so again very soon.

      The immediate locale of the restaurant is not the most picturesque and I am sure that has put some people off. We had the pleasure of speaking with the owner Olivier (you are right stjames, he is French). He is a passionate restauranteur who really wants to do things the right way. I really do hope other chowhounders try this place because it is just the sort of gem that needs our support.

      Also, EricMM, you are right that Frank Coe is the chef.

    2. I was in there for dinner once, had the portobello/beet salad and the lamb shank, will go back to try something else sometime.

      Wouldn't bother going back for brunch.

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        I live very close by and I like the fact that it's an intimate, quiet restaurant. The quiet is likely not the best for Olivier (the owner), but if you just want to wander in, sit at the bar, have a drink, relax, and eat a meal undisturbed (or engage fellow diners at the bar), this is a nice place. My favorite is the prix fixe pasta special. One note is that Olivier may be a bit slow in processing your bill - he naturally assumes folks are going to sit back and stay there for hours. Not a bad thing when most restaurants of this caliber are trying to rush you out all the time.

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          Had a lovely meal at Autour du Monde this evening. As other posters have noted, this is a wonderful neighborhood restaurant. Friendly owner and a small, eclectic menu. We had the crabcakes and the shrimp springroll. Then the lamb and the duck for main dishes. All were delicious. We will definitely be back. Brooklyn chowhounders should give it a try.

          Autour du Monde
          860 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238