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May 25, 2009 03:20 PM

Mackerel Dumplings At Mr. Dumpling in San Diego

Haven't seen any mention of Mr. Dumpling on this board, and other Internet comment (much of which concerns the non-dumpling portion of the menu) seems to be so-so. But if you go to a restaurant called Mr. Dumpling, it seems that the focus should be on the dumplings, and the menu there has a couple of eye-catching dumpling items. First of all is the mackerel dumpling, though I can't say if it's really mackerel or perhaps sole or cod. Fish dumplings are relatively common in L.A. area Chinese dumpling restaurants, but rare to non-existent in other Chinese population centers such as New York or San Francisco. While not as good as Qingdao Bread Food or Kingburg Kitchen in the San Gabriel Valley, the mackerel dumpling at Mr. Dumpling is quite good, certainly better than the fish dumplings at the highly regarded Dumpling 10053 in the SGV. Another interesting dumpling is the pork dumpling with embedded corn and pine nuts. Don't think I've seen this anywhere, and both the skin and filling are quite good. Mr. Dumpling is oddly located on a mostly industrial street, at 7250B Convoy Court. You can see it from the back of the 99 Ranch Market parking lot. (That's how I found it.)

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  1. I remember Kirk reviewed this place a while back (in Dec actually now that I look). This was right when they had opened up and he didn't seem to think too highly of the food.

    Sounds like they might have improved since then. Have you had any of the other dumplings there or any other dishes that you would recommend?

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      Well I was by myself and pretty much made a pig of myself by downing the fish dumplings and the corn/pine nut dumplings, so that's all I tried. They also have beef dumplings, which is relatively uncommon, as well as lamb, mushrooms, vegetables, shrimp, and several other varieties of pork. Some of these other dumpling varieties sound interesting. On the non-dumpling side, there's a whole section of Jiaodong dishes, a regional cuisine which I've never heard of.