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May 25, 2009 03:13 PM

LV to Sedona & back again...

Looks like Beaver Creek Brewery in Flagstaff might be a good lunch option for our trip into Sedona.

Any other lunch suggestions along the way for our trip back to LV or vice versa?

Thanks in advance-

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    1. I would have lunch in Sedona at the gorgeous Enchantment resort..Yavapai restaurant with the stunning red rock is good and we always go there and make sure you have reservations, so they will let you in at the guard gate..

      1. If you search around you can find a bunch of previous threads about are a few:

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        1. re: andyeats

          As mentioned, I do plan to go to Beaver Creek Brewery which I learned of from this site.
          Clearly I was looking for some more information...

          Thanks for the help!

        2. Beaver Creek Brewey is great for lunch. The daily chile is always good. Also, get the warm soft pretzels (homemade). They are listed as 3 on the menu, but you can just get 1, just ask. The cheese-ale pot that comes with it is so good. I always wondered what made it so tangy, and found out last time I was there it was blue cheese, (which you would think would be obvious), but it has so many other flavors that throw you. You have to try it!

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            Just a note: Beaver CREEK Brewery is in Montana. Beaver STREET Brewery is in Flagstaff. Just in case you needed help looking up directions! It's one of my favorite places in all of Arizona. Enjoy!

            Beaver Street Brewery
            11 S Beaver St Ste 1, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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              dustchick - thanks for that. I would have had a hard time finding it otherwise : )

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                Oops! Thanks for correcting me!