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May 25, 2009 02:30 PM

Is everyone tired of Yelp or what? [Moved from Pacific NW]

I want to get people's perspective of Yelp, does eveyone like it or hate it? I don't want to sound like a hater but i must admit that i can't stand yelp. It seems to me that everyone who goes on Yelp wants to just cut every restaurant down. All i read is that the restaurant was way overpriced or that the server was rude or that the portion size was super small. It just seems like a very negative place and i don't know why. I don't know what the deal is about eating out in Seattle but if you listen to the majority of the people on Yelp you will think that every restaurant in this city is out to get you. Why does everyone on Yelp think restaurants are overpriced and nobody thinks going to a Mariners game is overpriced? Last time i checked Ichiro is making a gazillion dollars more per year than Tom Douglas. Am i right? Why does nobody complain that the bag of popcorn at the movie theater is $10 for a MEDIUM and everyone thinks that Matt Dillon's portions are "expensive for the portion size"? I'm pretty sure that Tom Cruise makes more per year than Matt Dillon. Is it Yelp, is it the people that post on Yelp or is it the diners that eat out in Seattle. I would appreciate people explaining to me why Yelp is so negative.

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  1. I find Yelp a useful tool when I have no other information about a place or I'm looking for something decent in an area where I don't have a clue.
    Just today, I used Yelp to get an idea about Hong Kong Bistro. We'd been gone for six months and during that time, the owners of one of our favorite places, Homestyle Hong Kong, sold out and opened a new place around the corner. HK Bistro has a huge menu and I wanted some opinions. Since CH had no discussions on it, I went to Yelp.
    I think most people are expressing their honest opinions, and wanting good value is no crime.
    BTW, I had a great meal at HKB, and the price was right.

    1. ronaldo.h: "It seems to me that everyone who goes on Yelp wants to just cut every restaurant down."

      I guess my problem is exactly the opposite. It seems every restaurant we check out has 4-1/2 stars on Yelp.

      Today, Yelp was very helpful to us. We have parents of friends -- a couple in their 60s -- visiting Portland from Cleveland, and we needed to make reservations for a place where four couples -- eight people -- could carry on a conversation around the table that every person at the table could participate in. The Portland participants on this Chowhound Pacific Northwest board tend to recommend places where singles can hit on other singles and where the background noise level is just short of an airport runway. Clyde Common won't do for this occasion. Toro Brava does not take reservations. Ten01 is effectively a clone of ten or a dozen Cleveland-area restaurants.

      So we went on Yelp and found a place that sounds exactly suited for the event, a place I never had heard of before this morning, and have not seen even mentioned, much less recommended, in this forum. We shall see -- no guarantees -- whether Yelp has bailed us out.

      Variety is good; Yelp adds variety.

      1. In the San Francisco/Bay area there are several law suits against YELP. Cruel posts/staff posting and Yelp not letting owners refute bad posts. I think YELP is people who just like to trash places. Places that I know are good for great food are trashed on YELP. I no longer go there.

        I know one place, a tanning salon, the owner tells people to write a review. And he has pressured staff to write as if they were customers.

        YELP, not useful.

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        1. re: Janet

          I find Yelp quite useful, although I take most posts with a grain of salt, just as I do any other anonymous post. I do value that they don't censor posters for flimsy reasons, unlike some chow(hound) sites out there.

        2. I'm in the PNW... I find Yelp helpful in finding new places to eat. In fact, I found a couple places a few miles from my house that I've missed.

          The reviews I take with a grain of salt. I believe people find it easier to complain than to write positives (takes a lot more thinking). Also, most reviewers have little knowledge of the food their writing about. For example, people one-starring a traditional Japanese restaurant because they don't make Philly rolls.

          1. The original comment has been removed