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May 25, 2009 02:28 PM

Roslindale/W Roxbury

Went through ther today and I observed: Askara wher Freindly's was is open. There is an ice cream/lobster roll place in Rossie Square. The Brickouse is papered over. Samia's looks to be a Felafel place opening soon. Has anyone tried the new places or know anything about the soon to be? I didn't try any of them cause I stopped at Roche Bros. and got 2 live and kickin' soft shells for myself. Dredged them in cormeal/old bay and sauteed em. Yummm!!

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  1. How much are the soft shells at Roche?

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    1. That is too bad- I really liked Brickhouse. Everytime I went, it seemed to have a very good crowd.

      1. Spoke w/Samia herself before she shuttered the place - She was simply unable to keep up the pace of preparing the same quality food all by herself any longer. She assured me that the new owner was going to source his goods from her vendors and promised a similar home-style menu. Lets hope the new team keeps their word.

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          The new team taking over Samia's is related to the good people of the Shawarma King in coolidge corner. Excellent news for local Lebanese food lovers. But I don't think anyone else could make food as "home style" as Samia- probably one of the reasons why she couldn't keep doing it.

          It's a bummer that the stretch of businesses on Belgrade Ave. where Brickhouse was is now mostly vacant, but I'm not shedding a tear for that place. It was more of a loss when it ditched its Albanian identity to become another pizza burger beer joint.

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            She's the best. Best tabbouleh. Great soup. Great sandwiches.