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May 25, 2009 01:06 PM

Besides Cafe Du Monde...........

I know I will probably get slammed for this, but I am no fan of Cafe Du Monde. Where can I get the best Beignets?

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  1. You could try Cafe Beignet. There are 2 or 3 locations in the Quarter and I know that there is one on Royal Street and Decatur, but not sure if there is another location. They do close relatively early in the day and I don't think that they are necessarily better than Cafe Du Monde. It is simply another option that you may want to try.

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    1. If not Cafe Du Monde, go to Morning Call... Stick with the local originals ...

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        I don't know what the story with Cafe Beignet is but I find it fakey and touristy in the bad way. CDM is just what it is. Cafe Beignet is playing at being something. The cafe au lait is tasteless and the beignets, when I had them there a few years ago, were not impressive.

      2. If you want to stay in the Quarter area, then go to Cafe Beignet. If you want to take a considerable drive from the Quarter, then definitely go to Morning Call.

        1. Morning Call. Cafe Beignet is alright, but Morning Call is always my second answer to the best beignet question (with Cafe Du Monde being my first).

          1. If it's the location by Jackson Square that turns you off, we got excellent ones in Riverwalk (they were actually better then the Qtr location). You can sit overlooking the river too.