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Never my favorite place to dine, but in a pinch the Encino branch will do. I visited the Topanga branch for the second time and all I can say is NEVER AGAIN!
Our daughter had just returned from an extended overseas trip and was dying for chicken soup and a corned beef sandwich. DH and I wanted eggs, so it was a good compromise. This was a big mistake!

The service was abominable and most of the food was mediocre at best. In fact even their rye bread was lacking. We were never given water, drinks were brought w/o straws, the waiter had to be flagged down after fifteen mins to take our order, DH's corned beef hash was awful and when he flagged down the waiter to return it, the waiter seemed to know that it was "chewy". Why in heck did he let him order it in the first place? !!
We certainly won't return and suggest that you do the same!

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  1. Bad food and service at any Jerry's Deli is no surprise. I suggest Brent's deli to anyone looking for great deli food.

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      I agree about Brent's. Jerry's is okay if you are in the area and have no other choice, and "need" deli. It's open late, whereas Brent's isn't. But...Jerry's is very poor when compared to others, and especially Brent's.

    2. When sinful New York Jews die, they're consigned for eternity to Jerry's Deli.

      I'm sorry you had a bad experience... I haven't been back since I had to stop them putting eggs in an egg cream (that was the Westwood one).

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        Das- The worst situation was when I went to Rascal House on Miami Beach where my mother (RIP) lived. When I got there I saw a van from Jerrys Deli in the parking lot. I was speechless. I didn't think Rascal House was all that great in the final years but it was a monument in Miami Beach and a great place to hang out with family. Thank G-d they tore it down and (I think) built condo's. .

        1. I don't believe there IS a "Topanga branch" of Jerry's. Perhaps the OP is referring to the Jerry's store on Ventura Bv., just north of Topanga Canyon Bv., in the same shopping area as Western Bagel, Ralphs, Fatburger, etc.?

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            It's just east of Topanga, and I've only heard it called the "Jerry's on Topanga". One of the worse ones in the chain, too.

          2. I'm with you on this one.
            Once a week, for many months, I have ordered to pick up a chicken curry salad.
            I love this salad. It's loaded with great chicken and almonds and raisins and it's huge.
            The curry dressing is wonderful.
            Just last week I did the same thing and was very disappointed to find they've downsized the portion. I hate it when restaurants do this. I'd rather they increase the price.
            This is the Jerry's across from Cedar's on Beverly.
            I'm deciding whether or not I want to order again.
            The salad was half the size and they've cut down on all the ingredients. The price remains the same.

            1. Having been to almost all of the branches over the years, I have to agree that the service at pretty much any Jerry's branch ranges between barely mediocre to abysmal, leaning awfully hard towards the abysmal. I happen to like the matzo ball soup, and the chopped liver is pretty decent, but their service is flat our horrible. I can't understand why the ownership appears to not care.

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                I've been finding, recently, the same attitude about 'not caring' in a few restaurants I frequent.
                With the economy the way it is and businesses being affected right and left I can't figure out why customer service is so abysmal, as you say.

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                  During financial "tightening of the belt" most restaurants initially cut labor as an overhead cost. So remaining employees are usually stuck with more work, same pay, which equates to disgruntled employees, usually affecting the overall customer service experience. It's the same story from the top down.

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                    Of course.
                    It's no excuse.
                    Any good restaurant owner/manager just gets in there and does whatever it takes to operate a business during an economic downturn.
                    I have no sympathy for restaurants that don't make it during these times judging on some of the behavior and apathy I witness from management.
                    If the employee doesn't care to work harder then there are always those willing to take their jobs.

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                      Agreed with that, there is NO EXCUSE for it.

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                      What was their excuse when the economy was good, it was still bad.
                      Only thing I like to eat there is the mushroom barley soup.

                2. Oh yeah! Hideous food. Brent's Deli - or Abe's Deli near Norhdhoff and Tampa

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                  1. In the past, when in LA on vacation, we have made it a point to eat at Jerry’s “Famous Deli” on Ventura Blvd in Studio City (near, but not in Topanga).

                    We decided to give Jerry’s a try last night (on Father’s Day) only to find a half empty parking lot. All the other restaurants were overflowing with diners, but Jerry’s was not. That should have warned us, but we decided to give it a try anyway.

                    The place has a rundown look, the autographed photos on the wall are gone, and the booths are shabby and worn. The place was about 1/3 filled. The bakery and deli selection in the front was sparse.

                    The “new” menu has changed considerably – much fewer choices and more advertising. The sandwiches (which used to be HUGE) now come in two sizes – LA Size (4 oz) and NY Size (7 oz).

                    The complimentary appetizer plate (dill pickles and green tomatoes) are no longer served.

                    We decided to share a corned beef sandwich on rye and split a bowl of their Hungarian Goulash. The goulash (only served on Sundays now) was so over-spiced as to be unedible.

                    The sandwich looked and tasted like store-bought, served on thin cut light rye. The corned beef was thin and processed and served in a pressed rectangle between the two slices of bread. You had to break up the cube of corned beef and spread out the thinly sliced corned beef to cover the bread. The sandwich was served without a pickle.

                    The side dishes (cole slaw or potato salad, baked beans or chili) all tasted like something from the supermarket – tasteless and bland.

                    We asked the waiter if things had changed – he said that the owner had died and the son had taken over.

                    We quickly finished our sandwich and left.

                    We would NEVER return nor would we recommend anyone else go to Jerry’s.

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                    1. I had the bagel and lox at Jerry's Studio City recently, and they've downsized it so much now that's it's more like a salmon slider. If they lowered the price a bit, it might be a good counterbalance to the American Bloat, but it's the same price...

                      1. Couldn't agree more and, unfortunately, it's the one that's just a few miles from our house. Of course, so is Weilers on Victory between Canoga and DeSoto.

                        At our house, Jerry's is "famous" for buying up real delis like Solley's in Van Nuys and turning them into generic wastes of time and money.

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                          The one in WH used to be a solley's too - or at least very near there.

                        2. Not surprised in the least. Jerry's always sucked, and then they bought Solley's which used to be pretty good and they made that place suck too, except the bakery.

                          Best deli in SoCal hands down is Brent's in Northridge (and now Westlake Village as well). Always worth the drive. My industry's trade show is in Anaheim each January and I leave an extra day in the schedule for a drive to the valley for breakfast and a couple of sandwiches to go. AWESOME (except for the potato skins).

                          1. Jerry;s has been inedible for some time! Brent's always a good option. Abe's in Northridge also pretty good.

                            1. Overpriced
                              Bad food
                              They don't even serve Guildens Mustard
                              Brent's for me.