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May 25, 2009 11:43 AM

New Orleans Restaurants in Destin

Has anyone tried Camellia Grill or Commander's Palace in Destin? We are renting a house there for a month, and although I will spend considerable time cooking we will enjoy some meals out. Just wondered how the two compare (possibly they don't?) to the originals or if any fellow New Orleanians have any suggestions for good restaurants in that area. Also, we will be traveling with children but they will not be at every meal so all types of restaurants suggestions are welcome. Thanks for y'alls help.

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  1. You should go a little ways past Seaside and hit Cafe 30A. It's a great restaurant. Bud n Allie's is good, too. Never been to the nola replicas.

    1. We've done both several times. Commanders is just as good as NOLA great service and great view. Camellia Grill is great for vacationing, great omlettes and burgers and nothing on the menu over nine dollars...great for kids. I also recommend Dewey Destin seafood they have great fried shrimp and a unique atmosphere. Jim N Nicks has great barbeque.

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        Good to know, we stay in Destin a couple of times a year and have always avoided Commander's over there thinking it would be a bad imitation. I second Bud n' Allies. One of the prettiest sunset drink spots around.