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May 25, 2009 10:45 AM

Best Shabu Shabu

I would appreciate suggestions for the best Shabu Shabu place outside of Chinatown. Also is it possible to get a vegetable only broth for a a vegetarian? Thanks!

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  1. Check out the Shabu restaurant i Dorchester @ Fields Corner . Two minute walk from red line stop . Excellent food , Cheap, and with a great staff!

    1. There's also Shabu Restaurant on Hanckock street in Quincy, which caters to vegetarians and has outdoor seating. (they have an awesome spicy tongue app).

      There's also Little Q Hotpot restaurant also on Hancock, which is popular on this board.

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        The Quincy Sabu is a very good authentic restaurant with a large menu and food served very artfully. Their vegetarian options are great and served with a choice of broth. For meat eaters, there is a selection of meat grades and types as well a seafood.

      2. The best is Toki in Allston. It's run by Toru Oga (of Oga's sushi in Natick and Takumi in Nashua). They offer different grades and cuts of beef (like in Japan) and other meats/crab. The beef is well marbled and sliced paper thin. It's very good! Unlike some un-authentic places, they serve ponzu sauce and offer traditional broth (and other broths.)

        Their sushi bar is good too. Their sushi chef from Tokyo offered fresh uni and ama ebi from Maine when it was in season.

        1. Here's the link to Shabu Toki - Authentic Japanese shabu shabu reknowned Japanese chef Toru Oga.

          1. My favorite place outside of chinatown is Shabu Zen in Brighton. I personally like it better than Toki. They have this delicious chinese bbq sauce that they serve with the meal. I love it so much I had the waitress bring out the container so I could buy it at Super 88.