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May 25, 2009 10:41 AM

Deep Fried Mars Bars

Does anyone have this on the menu in Montreal?

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  1. I should call you Guy Fieri ;o)

    1. Garde-Manger had it on their menu a couple years ago, not sure if they still do...

      1. I was at Garde-Manger a few weeks ago and there still on the menu!

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        1. re: est1986

          I guess that I'll have to go there!

        2. They do deep fried Snickers in the Nepalese Himalayas, but that's probably a bit further than you want to go...

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          1. re: bomobob

            Yeah, I think you're right about the distance.

          2. I'm not sure but I may have seen it on a fish & chip shop here in Montreal.

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            1. re: JadeMyst

              There is a fish & chip store here? Where? Please share!

              1. re: hungryann

                There are 2 I'm aware of, and I always confuse the names, which may actually be the same. One in Lachine, one in Verdun, possibly both called Mommie's. I went to the one in Lachine years ago after someone raved about it. It was horrible. I thought that maybe, just maybe, someone was doing real English fish, but when they pulled the battered fillets out of the freezer, my heart sank.
                Ugh. Mushy, gross.

                I've not been to the one in Verdun.

                1. re: bomobob

                  I have to agree about Mommy's in Lachine was kind of icky when I took my dad there years ago.

                  I believe the place in Verdun is called Mammy's... never been.

                  1. re: bomobob

                    Having recently spent half a year in England, this idea of "real English fish" is erroneous. Most fish and chips joints range from mediocre to almost inedible. One has to search resolutely and patiently to find anything to top even McDonald's offer. All this to say that I would cut the Lachine joint some slack. As far as I'm concerned, it is quite true to form ie gross.

                    1. re: 1Marlowe1

                      That's one of the funniest "reviews" I've read here in some time, Marlowe! You have my sympathies.

                    2. re: bomobob

                      the one in verdun is now closed.

                      I actually managed to try it before it closed. Their fish was surprisingly good and fresh the day i was there(and i do know my fish, if i may say so).The fries were kind of gross.

                    3. re: hungryann

                      My hubby had fish & chips recently at a pub called Kelly's in Pointe-Claire and said it was quite good. I haven't been yet.

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                      1. re: hungryann

                        there were several diners in Verdun on Wellington that had fish & chips on the menu that were good. I liked the fish & chips from the Peruivan restauran on Wellington called Villa Wellington. These places in Verdun weren't exclusive fish & chip shops like the ones in Toronto. Mommy's I always found to be a hit or miss and a tad grungy.