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May 25, 2009 10:40 AM

Early breakfast near Embarcarado?

From past experience, I am expecting we will be awake very early from jetlag the first few days.
Our plan will be to walk out from Hotel Vitale each morning. Is there anywhere close by that opens for breakfast early? I have been up from 6am previous times. My travel partner seeks stodgy fare, omletts/pancakes etc. Where I would be looking for healthier options. I don't mind walking or travelling a bit if we can find a decent breakfast spot open early.

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  1. Good question. If you don't get an answer here (unlikely) I'd find a meter maid (oops, how un-PC of me, parking enforcement officer) and ask where they go.

    Townsend Bafery & Cafe is open at 7:30 on weekdays. It would be pretty much perfect for you two. But there must be earlier options....

    1. One option might be to stop at the Ferry Plaza farmers' market on Tuesday or Saturday and pick up fruit and baking and take it back to your room. Then hit up the Starbucks for coffee. We did that when we were staying at Hyatt Embarcadero. We sat out in sunshine on a bench and it was a great way to start the day.

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        Note that the Ferry Plaza market on Tuesday is at mid-day. I second the suggestion of Acme -- even though they're famous for their breads, they make some of the best pastries in town.

        For something heartier, you might want to check out Orale Orale -- they open at 7 a.m. and have omelets and Mexican-style breakfasts.

      2. At the Ferry Building, Acme Bread opens at 6:20 and Peets at 6:00 on weekdays. You could grab a plain or ham and cheese croissant or something healthier from Acme and get your coffee from Peets, then watch the commuters stream in from the ferries.

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          I read that Red's Java opens at 6 am. Not exactly healthy but a lovely walk/view might make up for that??

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            That ham and cheese croissant at Acme will spoil you for all other ham and cheese croissants, just a warning.

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              True 'dat. I walk away from Acme with nothing if they are out of the ham and cheese, though I think they call it something else ie not croissant... ah yes, there it is, "ham and cheese turnover" is the handle.

          2. I haven't had it since the "management shake-up" at Red's but they used to have the best corn beef hash in the western universe. Also had some remarkable fried chicken at Delancy Street Rest. one Saturday for brunch when Red's was reorganizing. Both great spots with bona fide S.F. roots.

            1. SF is not an early morning town. What days? Sunday is going to be the worst and places like Starbucks should be something you think about. On Saturdy morning there's the FP Farmers Market across the street, but the earliest will be 7 am and that wll be limited to breakfast pastries.

              Perry's is a few doors down and M-F opens at 6:30 am

              You can walk or take a street car up the Embarcadero to Java House .. NOT Reds Java House which is closer to you. The Java house opens at 6am m-f and 7 on weekends. It is straight up diner food, nothing amazing,but a basic breakfast. Nice view.

              A block away is South Beach Cafe which opens during the week at 6am. Not a dive lke Java, simple breakfast, good pastries and coffee. It has an Italian leaning.

              The search of the restaurant database is broken, so I can't give you great results, but this lists restaurantw marked as opening early which means before 7am. It picks up all of the Bay Area, but you can look at those in SF.

              The Americano restaurant in your hotel serves breakfast at 6:30 am, so you might consider that. Haven't been there for breakfast though

              I lived a few blocks away from your hotel for about a decade and it just drove me nuts trying to find someplace open early on the weekends. Even the Starbucks near that hotel didn't open till 7am on Sunday.

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                Thanks folks, some options there. We will be in San fran from Tues through Monday. So might get to try them all.

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                  The places I mentioned should do until you get time-adjusted ... which by Sunday should be in sync so try some of the better breakfast options like Canteen, Brenda's, Dottie's or Mama's.

                  One of my favorite breakfast spots in the area is Town's End which someone else mentioned. It opens at 7:30 during the week (closedd monday) and 8 am on the weekend.

                  They other places mentioned for breakfast by looking in the restaurant database (found at the top of the page .... "restaurans and bars"). There will be websites with menus and linked reports.