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May 25, 2009 10:28 AM

Rome - first day late lunch?

My family (2 adults, 2 "adult" children) will be embarking on a month long Europe trip next week. We will only have 2 nights for our Rome portion. We will be arriving in Rome at 12:45 (from Paris) and are looking for a great place to have a late lunch on our first day.

I figure by the time we get to our hotel (near Piazza Navona) and are ready to hit the streets it will be at least 2-2:30. We want a great introduction to Rome and certainly don't wish to go to a place that is trying to close up between lunch dinner and will hurry us along. Budget is ~ 30 euro/pp.

Then, we need a place for dinner that evening. If we do a large lunch we will want something smallish and tasty (good time for pizza?). Don't really care about location. We will be very mobile!

The following day we will be having lunch with our guide on the way to the Vatican so I am not concerned with finding a place. That evening will be our final night in Rome and we would like a special place to cap it off. Not $$$, just special with friendly staff. Budget ~ 40-50euro/pp.

Our last day will be spent at the Borghese Gallery 11-1 before taking off for Montepulciano. A suggestion for a simple, quick lunch near the Borghese would be very much appreciated.

yes - I have studied this board quite a bit and looked at all the suggestions. I am hoping that I will get some responses for places that are non-touristy (but friendly to those who don't speak Italian!), great food/wine, fun atmosphere (maybe outdoors) - a wonderful all around experience for our family.

Thank you very much.


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  1. Best place in the vacinity of Navona for a late lunch is Enoteca Corsi on Via del Gesu. Inexpensive, authentic menu that changes daily. You could do pizza at Da Baffetto that night - they say it's the best in Rome. Get there early to get in line (obviously early by Roman standards is 7pm or thereabouts!) Special place for the last night could be Da Fortunato, though it will break your budget by about 10 euro. Right in range is Armando al Pantheon. I do not know Northern Rome, and so I cannot be of help for the Borghese spot.