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May 25, 2009 09:26 AM

Straws in the wind ? Carmen's closing for 3 months in summer

An augury of both the fallout from the economic conditions and the anticipated fall-off in Toronto tourism (plus perhaps a comment on its deteriorating state as a restaurant), Carmen's, the venerable steak house in downtown Toronto, is closing for all of June, July and August. Weirdly, they are advertising this on radio - seems a strange way to use resources; but what do I know ? They are but a shadow of their glory days 30-40 years back; but that apart, for a well-advertised downtown restaurant to close all summer implies a distinct lack of confidence in the city and our economy. It may well make economic sense for the owners, but you'd think the incremental cost of keeping one room open and making some $$ from those who do come in would not be great.

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  1. I live next door to Carmen's and I must admit, as weird as it sounds, I will miss the smell of meat on the charcoal and garlic that comes in through my windows on a regular basis. Just something about that smell that brings back great memories...

    On another note, my family and I went there last fall and were really disappointed with the steak. I read all the negative reviews on this board, but thought, heck, it's next door, give it a try. Bad decision. Great service, lovely waiter, but bad decision. That's $350.00 we'll never see again, LOL.